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What is your average license fee this year? What was it last year?

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Thanks for all the replies. Appreciate you doing the math and sharing. This isn't meant to be a scientific study - just getting a general sense of how it's going. 


I'm not in NU and opted out of China, Russia and some others last April but my average fee is down, not up since then.  Also, many of my lowest (single digit or less) licenses this year were of RM files, so in my case at least, these options have not had the positive effect one might anticipate. 


I went back to the beginning: 


2022:  $17.70

2021:  $40.53

2020   $19.89
2019    $57.14
2018    $36.00
2017    $60.53
2016    $68.09
2015    $74.58
2014    $39.40                    
2013    $43.50                    
2012    $29.89                    
2011    $28.10                
2010    $88.00                
2009   $38.00  (first and only sale that year)              


My first and only license in 2009 (to “ROW”) was low, so obviously was my average. The surprisingly low averages in 2011-2012 were due to a plethora of NU sales, despite a few licenses for over $200 in each of those years and others close to $100. In 2010 my average license would have been $237 rather than $88 if not for a raft of NU licenses too.


Of course, ultimately total net revenue is more important than average price per license as long as sales increase to make up the difference. In my case, that has nosedived too. I've had just one more license than last year, but my gross revenue is only 46% of last year's. That's why I was curious to see what others were experiencing. Even if I had twice as many licenses as last year, I'd still be making less, which is really disheartening. I don't know if it should encourage me to try harder or to give up! 


Again, thanks for responding!  Hearts for all who shared and trophies to those who went all the way back - appreciate it.






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Added figures from 2021-2022 from earlier post to make it clearer.
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2021 $45.13 Opted into distribution in July, no novel use.

2022 $53.80 No novel use. In fact I opted out of that first chance I could I think.

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2007  0  $0

2008  1  $36

2009  7  $90

2010  15  $59

2011  38  $41

2012  45  $35

2013  41  $41

2014  77  $50

2015  98  $49

2016  135  $24

2017  163  $24

2018  160  $28

2019  138  $25

2020  119  $26

2021   198  $19

2022   189  $20


Not opted out of anything, ever.


99% RM.



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