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Have you found any images in March 2022

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2J03TWW  Guy Corbishley

2J03TDX  Guy Corbishley

2J039M2  James Bell

2J039FR  James Bell



T8EFMH  Peter Jordan_NE

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17/03/2022, Guardian, p33, Tui jet at Corfu, RNC7B2, dpa picture alliance [Alamy credit only]
17/03/2022, Guardian, p35, burger & chips, CFB0JD, incamerastock [Flipped L-R.  RF & no credit - poss not new sale via Alamy]
17/03/2022, Guardian G2, p2, greeting by touching elbows, 2DC5M7G, Wavebreakmedia Ltd IP-201115 [Alamy credit only]

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April 2022, Which?, p7, storm damaged roof tiles on house, 2HMW6W2, Ashley Cooper pics [Alamy credit only]
April 2022, Which?, p15, domestic air-source heat pump, 2FWG842, Mark Morgan [Think its this one  - but a number similar by same photographer. Alamy credit only]


ISSN:  0043-4841

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Arturo Rosas

D. Carreño

María Galán

Susana Guzmán x2




Josep Curto



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18 MAR 2022 - 00:21 CET
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Telegraph online 19 Mar



Alacati, Turkey - September 4th 2019: People eating in a cafe restaurant. The town is a popular tourist destination.

Contributor: kevin hellon / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: WT4R5H


Zillertal Arena ski resort and people skiing Mayrhofen in Austria

Contributor: Roman Babakin / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2AF376H\


A view down the river Wensum in the centre of Norwich with city hall in the background.

Contributor: Loop Images Ltd / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2E56FT5

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19/03/2022, Guardian, p7, Burger King in Moscow, 2E6F0PT, MAXIM ZMEYEV/REUTERS [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
19/03/2022, Guardian, p41, Sydney Harbour Bridge at night, 2J0B7NK, Richard Milnes [via Live News]
19/03/2022, Guardian, p48, rural delivery of heating oil, 2EM4J3Y, Wayne HUTCHINSON
19/03/2022, Guardian, p50, woman studying ISA, AW74NR, Chris Batson
19/03/2022, Guardian [Journal section], p8, sculpture by Grenville Davey in Yorkshire Sculpture Park, 2B62GGY, lowefoto
19/03/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p72, Sage Gateshead, 2AB2GW7, Islandstock [Credited to Alan Dawson/Alamy Live News]
19/03/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p100, a hiker on the Malerweg, 2DKE1E0, Bernd Schunack/mauritius images GmbH [Alamy credit only]
19/03/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p102, autumn in Prachovske skaly, 2H75BFD, Madeleine Steinbach [Alamy credit only]
19/03/2022, Guardian [Magazine], p103, Alpine ibex, DGPM5F, Martin Siepmann/imageBROKER [Alamy credit only]
19/03/2022, Guardian [Food section], p3, squeezed lemon fruit and citrus reamer, E0K0FY, HERA FOOD [Alamy credit only]
19/03/2022, Guardian [What's On section], p8, Kristen Stewart as Princess Diana, 2GNRNFK, LANDMARK MEDIA

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