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Have you found any images in March 2022

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01/03/2022, Guardian, p33, fishermen on the Sontecomapan Lagoon in Mexico, W9KGK8, Richard Ellis
01/03/2022, Guardian, p46, aerial view of Chelsea FC, 2AB4GMT, Commission Air [blue tinted]
01/03/2022, Guardian [Journal section], p7, Mari Lwyd celebrations in Wales, M0D8E0, Jessica Gwynne
01/03/2022, Guardian [Journal section], p10, Mark Lanegan, PB33PN, Roberto Finizio
01/03/2022, Guardian G2, p6, congestion charge sign on London road, DYY0X9, David Angel
01/03/2022, Guardian G2, p6, parking ticken on car windscreen, E83RYX, Alex Segre
01/03/2022, Guardian G2, p9, Barbican, 2G30YRH, JOHN BRACEGIRDLE


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Four here that I'll look for later


Image ID:RP587K AA Film Archive

Image ID: 2GEAGX4 Archivo

Image ID: BKJ75M Moviestore Collection Ltd

Image ID: HXHNC6 AF archive

Edited by Tony ALS
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Loop Images

Tara Michelle Evans

Dave Porter

Fiona Campbell Hicks Photography

Gavin Gillespie

Paul Richardson

SFL Travel

Ian Woolcock

Digital-Fotofusion Gallery

David Noton Photography

Aled Llywelyn



Matthew Horwood



Prakaymas vitchitchalao



Janine Wiedel Photo Library




Joana Kruse



Martin Thomas Photography

John Keates  😎

Karen Fuller


Aliaksandr Antanovich




True Images



Gary Hider



Annebel van den heuvel



Radius Images



Nature Picture Library



Edited by John Morrison
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March 2022, Norfolk magazine, Front Cover, grey heron in Norfolk, DNM2NF, robin chittenden
March 2022, Norfolk magazine, p11 & p165, WH Hudson, D1KKBG, GL Archive [cropped]
March 2022, Norfolk magazine, p160, Reverend Harold Davidson, G76G87, PA Images [cropped to vertical]
March 2022, Norfolk magazine, p161, Reverend Harold Davidson, ETNFDY, Trinity Mirror/Mirrorpix

ISSN: 2634-3045

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Alberto Loyo

Alfredo García Saz



K I Photography


M. Ramírez



Guillermo Avello

Marcos Veiga

Guillermo Avello

Luis Dafos

Luis Vilanova

Luis Vilanova

Eduardo Blanco


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Telegraph online 5 Mar







Argelia, Argel City, The Kasbah, UNESCO, (W.H.)

Contributor: mauritius images GmbH / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: 2BH8DBD


Algeria. Taghit or Tarit. Western Sand Sea. Grand Erg Occidental. Sahara desert. Bedouins walking with camels. Camel train. Sand dunes and palm trees.

Contributor: frans lemmens / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: M4K725


City of Carcassonne seen from the new bridge, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aude, Occitanie, France

Contributor: Photononstop / Alamy Stock Photo

Image ID: PWNKH0

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You're welcome Clare



April 2022, NFU Countryside, p30, the Staffordshire Hoard, GC3AJ6, David Jones/PA Images
April 2022, NFU Countryside, p38, Cropwell Bishop blue Stilton, M91GP5, Isabelle Plasschaert [No credit - poss not via Alamy]
April 2022, NFU Countryside, p47, Sarah Drew, C3DTPK, Allstar Picture Library Ltd [Alamy credit only]


ISSN: 1462-0839

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