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Change dashboard to net sales price

Panthera tigris

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I would like the contributors dashboard and sales report to show "net price" rather than "sale price" as I think its quite misleading as it it.


As an example this morning I got a sale for $50.02. Thats great, thats really the minimum I am looking for. But when looking at the "balance of account" I see that the sale had a distributor fee so the net worth of the sale to me was $50.02 - $18.01 - $20.01 = $12. Would not it be better for contributors, to see on their contributor dashboard that number i..e $12?


I am not complaining about getting only 24 percent in the sale, just the need for the contributor, me, to see relevant info on the contributors dashboard. 

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On 28/10/2021 at 11:24, spacecadet said:

I can't agree.

Precisely because the deductions vary so much, the gross figure is the only one which gives a true (if more and more disappointing) picture of how I'm doing over time. After all, I know what the net is because it's what ends up in my bank account.

However, it would be helpful for the net figure to be shown in addition to the gross. But not instead of.

Agree, it's misleading to show the gross sales only and it's more transparant to show them both. Let's see how transparant they will be but as Radim said, depressed charts doesn't look good in the race to the bottom, were sales are made for 0,21 cts (0,08 for the photographer). 

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