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  1. Surely true. Those good old days, says this pensioner.
  2. Agree, it's misleading to show the gross sales only and it's more transparant to show them both. Let's see how transparant they will be but as Radim said, depressed charts doesn't look good in the race to the bottom, were sales are made for 0,21 cts (0,08 for the photographer).
  3. Cd's was a pain in the ass but you remember sending in real slides and wait for weeks to get an answer.
  4. After one year there are still very very old needs
  5. 2015: 18,14 2016: 17,67 2017: 12,44 2018: 15,94 2019: 12,71 2020: 13,25 2021: 13,25 But: last three months it was: 5,00 and 2,44 and 2,42 average per image sold. With three images under 1,00. That's not what you call happiness!
  6. I recognize the central point of this discussion, lower prices at the end. This week alsof had a final sale of 0,21 cts. After a month with sales of 1.50, 6 and 11, it will be my lowest per image sale ever in the last 8 years. Call it microstock or whatever, the net-result is disappointing and a middlefinger to all photographers doing their best to produce fine and special images for the market. Beside prices the 50/50 deal also changed to 40/60, which also felt like' 'take-it-or leave it'.
  7. that means I change from the old model Alamy blue to the new model Alamy silver. The juridical part is a very grey one and when this will be a risky one for the photographer they will leave at once. Is there no obligation for Alamy to tell which images are at risk?
  8. I don't understand the change at all but that can be caused by the language (i'm dutch). I don't have any exclusive images at Alamy. Now I have a blue model. What will that be when I don't change anything? All the changes in the past years weren't any advantage for the photographers at all. Is this another one?
  9. When looking through the many picture needs, I notice that some needs are old and very old. I cannot imagine that the searched images are still wanted. Because there are so many images mentioned it would be advisable to clean it once in a while.
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