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December 2020 Favourite Uploads


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Just now, gvallee said:


If I go by your name, I guessed you've seen emus?? 😀 

Here are my cassowaries. Phenomenal birds. 


yes i have, running through the outback and a rescue centre in Tassie.  name came for always been fascinated by the flightless kinds....   Penguins felt overdone, kiwis too much connotation to being born in NZ, takahes, cassowary no one knew....  plus i loved the disgruntled look of emus, felt it fit me



amazing images of the Cassowary....  ok plans for 2023-24 i guess -  also want to try and see a kakapo in country east of you.  

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1 minute ago, Sally R said:

I was on Stewart Island/Rakiura in NZ in December 2018. I really hoped to see a Kakapo. Even though Kakapos were taken to an island off Stewart Island as a sanctuary for them, hikers have apparently reported hearing what they thought were male kakapos booming on remote parts of Stewart Island. I also hoped the famous Kakapo named Sirocco might be on tour (he was raised by humans and thinks he's a human and sometimes travels around as part of an educational program on kakapos).


Alas, saw no kakapos. But I did get to see a kiwi in the wild who just fossicked about me on the forest floor as if I wasn't even there. I took some photos but none were perfectly sharp as I think I was so overwhelmed at seeing a wild kiwi up close.


I can also relate to what you said about the owl being your saving grace this month. My Mum very recently died and since I was a child she and I loved to listen to the sound of a boobook owl at night. I longed to hear one again after Mum died, and amazingly three fledglings came and landed on the house and in the trees around it, and stayed for more than a week. One morning I even woke to a parent owl conversing with one of the babies right outside my window. After what has been the hardest year and losing my Mum, these owl companions have been profoundly healing. I hope you continue to get great joy and benefit from the beautiful barred owl.



i have similar story of Rakiura , tramped the North West circuit over 2016 new year, and did see a kiwi one early morning, also same issue with picture, plus i only had a small pocket camera carrying 9 days of food...  and  no Kakapo  (also spent time on west coast on south island looking for my also elusive fiordland crested penguin...).  and Sirocco wasn't touring....  Next time i guess ...  plus going back on the Heaphy track see if i can spot a Takahe, now that they seem to have been reintroduced successfully based on images i saw on Alamy 🙂 



Love you boobook story...  Remembering your mum this way is great...  my mum was a gardener so i remember her when i see the first crocuses  of spring....  

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2 minutes ago, Sally R said:


I hoped to see a Takahe when I was at Zealandia in Wellington, but they'd just had a chick so were understandably off limits to the public. I love them. They kind of remind me of a roundish football on legs 😀  They seem like an ancient dinosaur bird. Hope you get to meet one.


It's lovely you can remember your Mum when you see the first crocuses of spring.


Takahes are gorgeous,  First saw them  in Te Anau where they had them at the public aviary by the DOC office, and then one time someone mentioned that once a year they would bring people up to where they were breeding them in the mountains.  So went to the office, and it was 3 weeks later and they had a spot left, so booked, went to visit other spots in meanwhile, came back and got to see one in the wild.  It was just so amazing...  But now would love to see the ones that have been reintroduced, plus the Heaphy is a nice walk...,,,,  



hope you get the chance to go back and see one... special bird....  (you will be allowed in, way before i will)  



i actually am ashamed i never went to Zealandia....  

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Favourite is not always pretty. This is a horror story of an old abandonned gold/silver/copper mine spilling toxic waste into the Dee River at Mount Morgan, Central Queensland, Australia.

It has been going on for over ten years.

I did NOT touch the saturation slider 😭





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