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John Morrison

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Inspiring. I only have a Mavic Mini, so anything too contrasty (like sunset skies) are out of the question, as it just does not have the dynamic range. But when you fly it up and point it downwards the unique perspectives can be quite powerful. Looking forward to "peak autumn" to try it again although of course the camera quality won't be Alamy suitable it'll be a nice personal project.

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24 minutes ago, corkscrew said:


You have some spectacular shots!! And of various subjects as well. I'm surprised they did not license. Yet.

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If you think a drone is in your future then forget about image quality. Instead buy the cheapest one available and learn how to fly it. Learn about positioning for photography, flight rules around urban places etc. Then buy a drone with a better camera if you are still interested.


One of my mentors was aerial photographer George Hunter who had his own airplane. He sold the airplane because he said the most interesting aerial photography was done at treetop level and he kept getting fined for low altitude stunting. He started renting an aerial ladder instead.


You can always look for high locations like bridges, tall buildings, observation towers, cliff edges etc.


Here are two images of the 1000 islands. The first one taken from the bridge shown in the second image below. The second image of the bridge was taken from an observation tower. No drones, no aircraft. Both aerial images sold back in the 1980's





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