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Have you found any Alamy photographs in February 2020

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16 hours ago, Clare Gainey said:

*You’re welcome  Stefano


Guardian Online

2AY1AN9  John Eveson English pheasant cock
2B1W68X  Mr Standfast Local artists light up the City of Bristol with interactive light installations. Pictured is “Wildlife on the Waterfront” on the Arnolfini Gallery


Thank you Claire

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DWKGK1 Robert Harding / Monastery at Jasna Gora, Poland



FTE2Y8 Peter Scholey / The Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park

R208K3 RZUK_Images / The Battersea Arts Centre



BRC4R4 Robert Broadwell / Pie Town, New Mexico

B6E8JN Dennis Cox / Texas barbecue, family style

C9CP8J John Kelly / Chicken taquitos served on a bed of lettuce..



2A57EXK Stefano Carnevali / Darsena docks in Navigli, Milano

Traveller, 29 Feb 2020, Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (print edition only?)



CXE6NP Chris Hepburn/RobertHarding / Lowry Centre theatre at dawn, Manchester
Traveller, 29 Feb 2020, Fairfax Newspapers, Australia (print edition only?)

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*You’re welcome  Mr Standfast

Guardian Online

FF79P1  Stephen Chung Chiswick House and Gardens Trust celebrates Chinese New Year with the launch of its annual Camellia Show
BCNEKE  Peter Jordan  Prospect Cottage, the house and garden that formerly belonged to film producer Derek Jarman at Dungeness
B138R3  Faiz Balabil  Derek Jarman's garden in June, Dungeness


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29/02/2020, Guardian, p19, Priti Patel, 2A23A7R, Russell Hart
29/02/2020, Guardian, p44, car & fallen tree, credited to Alamy but I can't find it
29/02/2020, Guardian, p45, woman wrapped in blanket talking on mobile, WFJ36H, EyeEm
29/02/2020, Guardian [Magazine], p53, camellia, FF79P1, Stephen Chung [Alamy credit only]
29/02/2020, Guardian [Magazine], p53, Prospect Cottage, BCNEKE, Peter Jordan [Alamy credit only]
29/02/2020, Guardian [Magazine], p53, Derek Jarman's garden, B138R3, Faiz Balabil [Alamy credit only]
29/02/2020, Guardian [Magazine], p55, Masham cricket ground, E3C056, Richard Burdon [Alamy credit only]
29/02/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p2, Suileag bothy in Scotland, F9B6DB, Tom Richardson Scotland
29/02/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p10, Outer Alster in Hamburg, J3PP0E, Naturfoto-Online [Alamy credit only]
29/02/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p10, Cafe Gnosa in Hamburg, 2AX8M61, M.Sobreira [Alamy credit only]
29/02/2020, Guardian [Travel section], p10, Kaltehofe in Hamburg, M40JWA, Bildagentur-online/Ohde [Alamy credit only]


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El País El Viajero 28.02.2020


R2YT4H Diego Grandi Plaza de Armas Square and Osorno Volcano - Puerto Varas, Chile

PF2XF1 Karol Kozlowski Premium RM Collection Pablo Fierro Museum, Puerto Varas, Llanquihue Province, Los Lagos Region, Chile

R280JG Diego Grandi Llanquihue Lake and Teatro del Lago (Lake Theatre) - Frutillar, Chile

WWDT1A Xavier Fores - Joana Roncero Natural Monument of Sequoia trees from Monte Cabezón, Cabezón de la Sal, Cantabria, Spain




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8 hours ago, Bryan said:

Times Online 29th




The Aye Write Glasgow's Book Festival


Sally Anderson   Edinburgh, Scotland, UK, 18 August 2019. Edinburgh International Book Festival. Pictured: Sue Lawrence, a Scottish Masterchef winner and cookery and food writer, talks about her novel 'Down to the Sea', a historical novel switching between modern day and 1890s Edinburgh - Image ID: WA6MK1


Many thanks Bryan! The second one is in print, too.

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11 hours ago, Bryan said:

David Humphreys Roadside sign board for Riverside Retail Park, an out of town shopping complex, Northampton, UK - Image ID: RH855M

 Cheers Bryan, second time this week for this one.


29/02/2020 Daily Mail Weekend (print)

Linen sack full of flour isolated on a white background. DT7X2M Piotr Malczyk

Chocolate eclairs on a white background. HB1KWD Zoonar/Swetlana Wall

Bunches of heritage carrots. ER9GC3 Science Photo Library

Hazelnuts, almonds and cashews in glass jars. G664MB Natalie Board

Blackbird, Turdus merula, male on a Pyracantha bush, Cornwall, UK. CC55G1 David Chapman

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Amateur Gardening (Front Cover)

29 FEB 2020


Dahlia Teesbrooke Audrey, Collerette dahlia
Contributor: RM Floral / Alamy Stock Photo
Image ID: 2A9EX4H 


Edited by Lisa
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The Sun

500 Virgin Money staff could lose their jobs thanks to 56 branch closures Credit: Alamy Radharc Images F0832P

You could save thousands by challenging your council tax bill Credit: Alamy Gordon Marino M1CR20

Ipswich is an up-and-coming destination for 2020, according to TripAdvisor Credit: Alamy Everyday Images CRJD22

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On 25/02/2020 at 02:18, shearwater said:

Codigo Unico 11/02/2020 


An ancient Buddhist monastery at countryside in Thimphu, Bhutan
Duy Phuong Nguyen ID: M0G14X


Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), North Korea, Pyongyang city skyline
Gavin Hellier ID: D9WMYH


Beautifully decorated city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Michal Knitl ID: EHY803


Daily life in the fishing port town of Merca on the Indian Ocean, Lower Shebelle, Somalia
Mark Pearson ID: A0CCFN


Tabuaeran beach on the Fanning Island, Republic of Kiribati
Sorin Colac ID: F70NHN


Monumental Arch of the ruins at Palmyra, Syria
Luis Dafos ID: DM4F18


Qutub Complex, a UNESCO world heritage site in the Mehrauli area of Delhi, India
ephotocorp ID: M2EMEJ


Anibare Bay near the Menen Hotel, Nauru, Central Pacific
Philip Game ID: C6F101


Angola giraffes (Giraffa camelopardalis angolensis), next to Namutoni, Eto


Moscow, Kremlin and Moscva River by night

Many thanks, Shearwater!

Philip Game

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On 20/02/2020 at 07:30, Bryan said:

Cheers Andy !


Times online 20th


Carolyn Jenkins  Made in China label in bikini 80% nylon 20% elastane - sold in the UK United Kingdom, Great Britain - Image ID: K28GG8

Justin Long  Street sign beside road in Turkish holiday resort, warning motorists of the dangers of drunken people crossing. - Image ID: EDB9WW

London UK 7th January 2020, Geoffrey Cox MP PC Attorney General arrives at a Cabinet meeting at 10 Downing Street, London Credit Ian Davidson/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2AK3RF2

Alexander Melnikov  hands behind bars - Image ID: EFH6X5

eye35  Punting Hire Centre Magdalene Street Bridge River Cam Cambridge Cambridgeshire England UK GB EU Europe - Image ID: EY4EA7

David Dixon  University Hospital of North Tees 

Julio Etchart  Signs outside a Halal chicken and burger shop in Shadwell London UK - Image ID: DH649K




Edinburgh, Scotland, Uk. 18th Feb, 2020. Edinburgh Scotland, UK February 18 2020; Scottish Conservative leader Jackson Carlaw with the party's new shadow cabinet. Credit: Steven Scott Taylor/Alamy Live News - Image ID: 2B03KC5

Kay Roxby   Forth Valley College, Falkirk, Scotland, UK - Image ID: HJE0W4

Stephen Miller  Lamlash Bay on the Isle of Arran, Scotland - Image ID: E4HJBC

WENN Rights Ltd  V Festival 2013 held at Highlands Park - Performances - Day One Featuring: Ricky Ross,Deacon Blue Where: Chelmsford, United Kingdom When: 17 Aug 2013 - Image ID: E38HT1

Derek Allan   view of ninewells hospital Dundee - Image ID: B49PBJ

Radharc Images   stirling sheriff court and justice of the peace court house scotland uk - Image ID: CR66H4




Sergi Reboredo Dark Horse pub in the cathedral quarter, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK. A waitress inside the Dark Horse. Take a stroll along the atmospheric cobble s - Image ID: HDTA2N - ? 3 very similar




Daniel Belenguer  Alpuente Roman aqueduct. Los Serranos. Valencia. Spain. - Image ID: DFTC98




philipus  Boats at the creek of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates - Image ID: EG5C5R

Ian Allenden Woman Reading Letter After Receiving Neck Injury - Image ID: F5H57G

James Hoathly  Generic Law court picture a members of the bar wearing barristers wigs. - Image ID: B72M1J

Chris Batson The City Law School, Holborn, London. The City Law School is one of the five schools of City, University of London - Image ID: RK187D

Andrea Obzerova  Students taking exam in classroom. Education test and literacy concept. Web banner. - Image ID: MT5RCB

Wavebreakmedia Ltd PH137  Business colleagues attending a video call in a conference room - Image ID: RT575B

Newscast The RBS logo outside a branch in London. - Image ID: EDBMRN

Dmitri Maruta  Sexual harassment at work. Boss touching his secretary in office. - Image ID: GM70MP




Brighton, UK. 5th Sept 2018. The Royal Pavilion in Brighton, East Sussex opens the newly restored Saloon to visitors this weekend Saturday 8th September 2018. Credit: Jim Holden/Alamy Live News - Image ID: PJAKM5

SFM GM WORLD extracee products - Image ID: BD13HE

Ceri Breeze  Qatar Airways Boeing 787 Dreamliner taxiing to the Terminal building landing at Cardiff Wales Airport. - Image ID: PE5BBG

PURPLE MARBLES  York Railway Station Concourse York North Yorkshire England UK United Kingdom GB Great Britain - Image ID: DH9X91

Richard Brown  Bresseden Place and offices in London - Image ID: R90M0M

heshphoto  Worker operating machinery in factory - Image ID: DKG78W

Chris Dorney  London, UK - June 11th 2019: A close-up of the FSCS - Financial Services Compensation Scheme logo, pictured on an information leaflet. - Image ID: TRRFB9

Thanks Brian - much appreciated!!

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