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  1. But what if your images are exclusive? Wouldn’t the advantage be that Alamy will chase infringements on behalf of the photographer?
  2. There has been a lot written here and I thank everyone who has contributed to try to make this situation clear for all. It seems that Alamy is not interested in clarifying things any further – contract terms will always trump well meaning words on an internet forum… I am only a small player and can see myself being demoted to ‘Silver’ within a year, due to the double whammy of slowing sales and reducing revenue per image. This is annoying of course, but I can see that I must cost Alamy more in terms of administration, so I should carry more of the burden, I guess. The
  3. My point exactly! Here are three of mine where Google doesn't show any matches. I am going to try slightly modifying the description on the first two, to see if anything happens over the next few days that triggers the Google index crawling process. I'll let y'all know if anything happens....! J.
  4. Thanks for this Matt. The image is 'Optimized', so there's every chance that it should have pulled through somewhere. Maybe I'll modify the caption slightly to see if this causes it to re-index. And I take your point about the usage being print only, however I would still expect to get some hits directly from the Alamy site, even if I don't find out where it was actually used. Cheers, J.
  5. Thanks Mark - I guess though if they are not indexed, then they won't be appearing on any Google searches? This image has been up since 2012, so I would have thought that it would have been indexed by now? I have quite a few others in the same position also. Cheers, J.
  6. Hi all - I have a question that I hope someone can shed some light on… I am in the habit of conducting reverse image searches on my images nowadays, Google, maybe Yandex if Google doesn’t provide any hits – especially where I have made a sale, or had a zoom or two. Question is, on some of my images, including some where I have made sales (and not PU…), I still don’t get any hits – not even from the Alamy website. So, I am thinking that these images are not easy to find, as even searching against the specific image (as opposed to description) doesn’t return any hits. Thi
  7. You are right Niels - I have often wondered about that too. There are many well-documented effects of poisoning by Amanita muscaria (specifically ibotenic acid and muscarin), such as muscle cramps, vomiting, profuse sweating and distorted perception of size (hence, perhaps this mushroom's association with 'little people'). So, you would be going into battle twitching and dehydrated and assuming your foes to be midgets or giants! Not good preparation I would have thought. I understand that there is a safer means of consuming this fungus, but it involves feeding it to a reindeer first
  8. Thanks Spacecadet - I guess you are right. Interesting exercise tho, and a valuable lesson learned..... Cheers, J.
  9. Thanks so much for all the replies on this - I had no idea that these search tools existed! I too have performed both searches on my image (not that I didn't believe you Lisa!) and I too draw a blank with this. However, things have taken a fascinating turn... I decided to run a few more of my images throught the search - ones that I had permitted for use on a website of a local fungus group, here http://www.bucksfungusgroup.org.uk/justin_long.html and also found that one of the images has been used here http://stop-news.com/2018-v-izrailskiy-les-po-griby.html without my permission. They ha
  10. Wow - thanks for the replies folks. I have tried a Google image search as you describe John, but this only returns my images for sale on Alamy. Maybe my image wasn't credited in this format. The image id is D2X9XD. I will have a look at Tineye - thanks for the tip Niels as I had not heard of that search engine before, and thanks for the info on the database download too Lisa - will give that a go. Really appreciate your help with this! Thanks again, Jus.
  11. I'd say that Phellinus is a better bet. Do you know what species the host tree was?
  12. Yes, that's what I'm thinking -- Fomes fomentarius. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fomes_fomentarius Or it could be this one (Phellinus igniarius). Better picture here.
  13. Being a noob, it looks like my earlier reply is now out of sequence with the thread, but it's Amanita muscaria, albeit a little past it's best, and lacking some of the more typical identification features. Generally it is best to get a good shot of the underside to help with ID - but even then, it is sometimes impossible to determine a species ID from photos alone. Jus.
  14. Hi all - have just made my first sale (yay!), and am naturally curious as to where the image was actually used. I apologise, as I guess this question has been asked a million times by others, but can someone point me in the direction as to how I can search for the image in context? The usage was for single placement on an editorial website. Any advice gratefully received. Jus.
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