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  1. Country: WorldwideUsage: Presentation or newsletters, Use in a presentation/talk (eg,Powerpoint and Keynote) or in a newsletter.Start: 21 August 2020End: 21 August 2025
  2. This very same photo (there are more, similar, in that series) was bought and refunded in June 2019. I have one more photo waiting since April (https://www.cnnturk.com/dunya/trumpin-yakin-arkadasi-stanley-chera-koronavirus-nedeniyle-hayatini-kaybetti) -same message from Alamy contributors ;-/
  3. Thanks Haven't been paid for that photo. And Alamy is not processing "unauthorized use" complains now 😕
  4. Thanks, I'm trying CopyTrack now with an image that was lifted (so Alamy con not claim payment), lets see if it works.
  5. are you happy with them? I mean, how many times do you use their service? did you got paid at every claim?
  6. Stock photography is a niche withing the photography world. You don't shoot "a niche", the same way that you don't shoot X style. Your niche (and/or style) will show up on your work. I think that you have to shoot everything that you find interesting. There is a need for almost everything, and your photos don't even need to be "artistic", just clean, high technical qualities, and show the subject in the way the customer can illustrate their paper/presentation/article. This photo just sold and I believe there are many "better" shots of the Charging Bull in lower Manhattan, but this one, where you barely see the sculpture, is the one that illustrate the customer's article. In this case, L found interesting how hard it was to get a clean shoot of the Bull, and that was what I shoot.
  7. But only if you are lucky. BTW, one thing I learned since I start working was that, the more and hard I worked, the luckiest I've become.
  8. Thanks! I had to put a claim because the Washingtonian Magazine forgot to pay for the photo...
  9. As per their website: " How do I delete my account? If you really want to leave, email us at support@stockimo.com and we'll delete your account and remove your photos from Alamy and any other sales outlets. But remember: If you just delete the app from your phone and don't email us, your photos will stay on sale. "
  10. I don't understand, Sony had stated that they won't develop new APSC mirrorless cameras? When? A6000 is barely one year old, and the A5100 is even newer. We will definitely see new models by October, as usual. I think it will be hard to see a NEX7-like camera, hard to believe today people want to pay $1200 for an APSC sensor camera, when for little more they can get the A7II
  11. Thank you, I have just had a read of the reviews on Amazon and looks promising. I think the Surface is fantastic (on the paper, I haven't use one. I want to buy one for the wife but she's a mac-girl...) Just keep in mind that tablets usually don't power card readers or external hard drives through their USB ports, so you'll need to use card readers and HHDD that have their own power source (I'm not sure this is the case with the Surface)
  12. A little late on this topic, but here comes my input anyways: -I rater prefer to see a stand alone app than a web interface. A stand alone app that doesn't need to be connected to the internet all the time, so you can work on you keywords and captions on the subway and update when on wifi -this apply to Alamy as well as Stockimo -ability to batch a )location b ) keywords c ) everything else actually...
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