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Access to Alamy blocked in Russia??????

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this Russian-language blog has the details. In a word, it is probably a mistake. Some Alamy's pages come up as blocked (search for www.alamy.com on this page); the whole site should not be blocked, but it is...as the blog explains it could be rectified by filing complaint(s) and hopefully will be, soon.

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I can confirm (being in Irkutsk at the moment) that you cannot access Alamy, Alamy Live News, or the Alamy forum in Russia, as they are all blocked. However, there is a workaround if you use a VPN, hence how I am able to make this post.

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Hi, I have been on holidays in Russia and I could confirm Alamy website is officially blocked by Russian authorities because of some 'Unacceptable' self-harm or suicidal images.

Full list of the restricted images could be found here:


To me it looks like they banned those images automatically based on the keywords.


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On ‎11‎/‎09‎/‎2019 at 12:57, John Mitchell said:

I certainly hope this is fake news. We would all really miss those lucrative Russian distributor sales. 🤧

LOL... But doesn't TASS distribute via Alamy?


I don't miss Moscow or KOI fonts.



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My first sale back in 2009 was to Russia. I was really excited to know my work was being used in such a faraway part of the world. Now I've had work on nearly every continent, but it was so exciting to me a a newbie, even if the price ($38) wasn't going to make me rich.  

Had a few more since then. 

Hope they straighten it out. Tough especially if you shoot a lot or live in that part of the world, though Russians seem to know a lot about how to get past restraints and generally seem to be quite computer savvy as we in the USA have learned...


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Anyone who runs a server knows that internet traffic from Russia and China is nearly universally malign. And there's a lot of it.  Even if your server is well protected against hacking,  these constant automated attempts take up resources.  It's often simpler to outright ban ip addresses from these countries.  It would still be possible to 'whitelist' ip addresses of any publishers or distributors in Russia that you have a relationship with.  Though anyone in Russia who has a legitimate interest in doing business in the Western hemisphere will use a VPN anyway.


That's my guess as to why Alamy cannot be reached in Russia.  It's hard enough to reach Alamy from Abingdon if you use a secure browser with protection against tracking you are likely to get endless captcha puzzles that never resolve.


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