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  1. Hi, I have been on holidays in Russia and I could confirm Alamy website is officially blocked by Russian authorities because of some 'Unacceptable' self-harm or suicidal images. Full list of the restricted images could be found here: https://reestr.rublacklist.net/search/?q=alamy To me it looks like they banned those images automatically based on the keywords.
  2. I found this also a bit confusing. I spent a bit time and tweaked some of the images to be "optimized" but it makes no difference still.
  3. Well, this is a common practice for the food-stockers when you describe food ingredients in the keywords.
  4. That may be the case, thanks. I would do a special release for Alamy exclusively to check that version.
  5. Thank you for your opinion, it may be worth it to re-keyword at least most of the best sellers.
  6. Keywords should be ok as all those files with the same keywords were previously tested on another microstocks and generated quite a nice sales. Maybe the trouble is that I uploaded all of them in one shot? Some sites "prefer" to see the regular activity of the contributor.
  7. I've got around 2000 views and 8 zooms since January. Average CTR is 0.42. Don't know whether this is good or bad.
  8. Same here, I started at Alamy this January, I am an experienced photostocker and food photographer. I already uploaded over 3000 images but still no sales. What could be wrong?
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