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Equipment ID Request

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Not one of my photos, just something I saw in The Guardian the other day - but does anyone know what this guy has on the front of his camera?  Looks like a torch to me!

Not important, just curious.




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Just checked their website - and I am impressed.  Obviously, they do more than just that long probe but what surprised me was they do stuff (including the probe) for many different cameras.  I thought they might just do Canon fit - or possibly Canon and Nikon - but they cover other brands as well.  Also, the prices do not seem horrendous - certainly not cheap but not as much as might be imagined.

Now back to the lottery numbers..........

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2 minutes ago, Thomas Kyhn said:

Interesting. Are there any other companies that make lenses like this?

It's essentially a borescope lens. They're not particularly rare, but they are at Laowa's price.

https://www.adorama.com/us 1103082.html


We had one when I worked at a weapons range for photographing gun barrel damage, with a 45 degree mirror. It probably cost as much as a car.

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