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Two identical PU sales but different fees

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The same image has been licensed twice this month with identical conditions of PU usage and time period, but in one case the rubric is in English and the other Italian.


The fees differ by 13% - why?


Should  I live in fear of a refund coming my way?

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2 hours ago, Bryan said:

Thanks for the replies, different fees per country and download packs all news to me.


Hoping that the double download is a coincidence...... but not with any confidence.


US$19.99 for PU in Canada. Not sure if those download packs still exist, though.

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10 hours ago, Bryan said:

3rd PU sale this month of the same image appeared yesterday. This photo has never sold before, it's nowt special, something odd going on....


It might have been licensed by triplets.  :D


I've had the same image license twice (not as PU though) in the same month but never thrice.



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