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Big companies who purchase from Alamy

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Ive been curious about some of the big companies who purchase stock images from Alamy. Ive read through another thread on this forum which notes how and where contributors' images have been used. I do see a number of well known newspapers in that thread such as The Guardian, Sunday Times, Sydney Morning Herald and The Telegraph. I don't suppose there's been any clients as large as Hewlett Packard buying RM images from Alamy?

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9 minutes ago, Webby said:

I've had a couple of uses by British Airways...


ditto and:



National Geographic;

Bank Korea;


some really nice book covers from different publishers like  DK; Cambridge University Press; some Japanese ones; a Czech one;

some nice images in the Washington Post and indeed all British newspapers;

on television in the UK; US; Japan; Germany; Australia.



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