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Searching for a purchased image

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I've been contributing to Alamy since January of this year and, while I've only had four sales, one was very encouraging. I've listed the information below. I would very much appreciate any advice towards trying to figure out where this photo was used. 


The purchase was made 6 June and payment cleared on 17 July. I assume I could try doing a reverse search online, but that would mean I'd have to first post a clean copy of the photo somewhere, correct? 


Alamy photo: J704E4

Rights managed, editorial

Region of purchase: US


Country: Worldwide

Usage: Magazines and books, Use in a magazine article (print, digital, electronic), up to ¼ page, 2,500 circulation, worldwide for 5 years (excludes advertising)

Start: 02 June 2017

End: 02 June 2022


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No hits.

Keep trying, but only one of my licences of that type has ever turned up on GIS because it's primarily for print. I found another couple because by chance I subscribed to the magazine they were in.

Keep an eye on the "Have you found" thread in case someone here is a subscriber. That said, it's a very small circulation so probably pretty specialist.

I found one of mine in a Smithsonian exhibition catalogue recently.

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Thanks for the advice! Yes, it is a small circulation. I'm guessing my chances of finding the picture are pretty slim, but figured it was worth a look.


Should I be aware of any concerns when dragging a pic into Google images? Am I correct in assuming I need to use my clean file, and not one with Alamy watermarks?

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Thanks! I appreciate you looking for the image. 


I'm closing in on the 1,000 image mark and have a trip coming up that could be fruitful. Now, if I could just get a few more of those sales every month! One can dream... 😀


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On 8/6/2017 at 20:46, GS-Images said:

I had a quick look too, but couldn't find it. Sometimes it takes longer for Google to index images, and sometimes it doesn't seem to at all.


It's also worth doing a search such as this (I tried it for your image but no luck finding it).....


"Bayeux Cathedral" alamy -alamy.com


That stops any results from Alamy's website appearing, but shows others where Alamy was used as the credit (although some clients embed the credit within the photo, so it can't be found that way then).


More often than not I never know where my images have been used, even the online ones. Not a lot you can do about it. Occasionally the name of the company is in the license details, but I've only seen that once or twice.




Try: "Bayeux Cathedral" alamy -site:alamy.com



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On 08/08/2017 at 13:49, arterra said:


There's a penalty for "errors". Ask Allen -_-





NO! NO! NO! That should be "Ask ALLAN", AllAn, NOT AllEn.


I thought you, of all people, would have got that right by now.:(




Any way if Philippe says you owe a penalty just ask him to stick on your account.





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1 minute ago, arterra said:


Sorry, Allen. Won't do it again -_-





............. :huh:


I just did, didn't I? :o


I'll take that as an apology Philippe my friend.




WHOOPS! You'v got me doing it now.

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