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How do you mark your images after upload?

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Everyone is answering the post from 2013? :)

That is why it's always a better idea to start a new thread rather than regenerate an old one, moreover if it is not really directly related to the original post. The original thread was about how people annotate images on their own storage systems, yours was about Alamy. Not harmful but definitely confusing.

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I put all photos I upload to Alamy, in folders labeled subject, month and year and then those folders get copied on to a dedicated external hard drive, called Alamy. So a folder name could be something like, "Alamy France May 15". It makes it easy for me to find what I need to find that way.

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Yeah, I'm the OP, and was surprised to see a hand clawing up from the grave. :)

NOOOOOooooooo .......!!!!!

I finally banned that

from my brain and now you made it all come back :angry: WHY? WHY? WHY...........? :o

Thanks a lot for giving me sleepless nights for the coming weeks :(







A classic!

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