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Just checked....almost exactly 25% of my port is RF.

Jury still out.



edited to add. 

Since 2013, I had 9 RF sales. Mind you, I had very few listed as RF before 2017.

Of those 9, three were smaller sums. 10.92, 7.64, and 14.99.

The other 6 ranged from 79.91 to 110.00. Decent sales.

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In 2013 I had a four figure sale for TV advertising.  The client checked that the image was exclusive to Alamy and I had to agree to put restrictions on the image so it could not be sold for the same use for five years.  This sale would not have happened had it been RF so I'm sticking with RM.  The image was nothing special, one that anyone could take.

Most of my images are RM but I have a limited number of RF just so that I don't miss out altogether.



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1 hour ago, Ed Rooney said:

Without contacting Alamy support, is there a way to change all my image licenses in one go???




I think AIM in theory allows selection of 500 images in one go. But when I tried this, it ground to a halt... Contributor Services is probably your best bet.



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On 7/14/2017 at 19:24, geogphotos said:


(1) No I don't know what you mean. As far as I know G Editorial is marked as ED. It is only Creative that shows RM, RF, and more recently RM Editorial Use only.


So within Creative there is:




RM 'Editorial Use Only'


Within the actual Editorial section there is only:




Within ED there is the option to buy the Standard editorial rights licence or Custom Rights.


The Standard editorial rights licence offers:


* worldwide editorial use for15 years

* unlimited seats

* no limits on impressions or print runs

* no monetary limits on indemnification


It is something like this Standard editorial licence that I was suggesting Alamy could offer and effectively merge RF and RM unless a buyer wanted to customise.


1) I was hinting at low priced "subsidiary" owned by motherco. - it has RF editorial which I believe is also being displayed at motherco. for "dedicated" contributors.


Anyway, would be fantastic (a dream) to homogenize the licensing landscape, somehow at the same time satisfying the "modern" buyers needs, whilst still offering photographers control/say. I still believe that the future lies in impression based licensing i.e. dependent on exposure, pay-as-you-go type thing. It should be almost here, hand-in-hand with the on-line copyright monitoring services that are now maturing. Everything else is going down the subscription route many times with an usage element influencing pricing, why not images? Like Google Adwords. Just thinking out loud. 

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9 hours ago, geogphotos said:

(1) Convergence?


(2) Check who Reuters have partnered with and the cost, terms and conditions of a standard Editorial licence. 


Reuters operate an RM style pricing system on their own site and RF on their partner site. 


1) Most definitely.


2) Yes. Somewhat of an interesting situation, especially from the perspective of the software co. is sitting right at the top of the fence with large customer bases on either side - fooling myself by thinking that they need to keep both happy, although one group is an unorganized, unruly bunch of pushovers with victim mentality (said tongue-in-cheek with just a pinch of truth to it) . Software co. also have very deep pockets and if anyone can fundamentally change the industry it would be them - however there has been no indication of interest in RM type development, instead focusing on lower priced RF, which of course unfortunately for us is just more suited to on-line commerce.


Disclaimer - above is thinking out loud, been up since 3am with only 3 1/2 hrs sleep.

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3 hours ago, geogphotos said:

Hopefully, Alamy can continue to compete by having a more encyclopaedic and higher standard offering.


Ian, how do you see Alamy accomplishing this? Alamy already has - by far - the broadest subject offering of any stock photo agency and the "higher standard offering" would need curating of some sort. How would it (or could it) work?

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I've chosen to have everything RM for three reasons: 1) if the buyer takes or is granted multiple uses for one fee there's nothing I can do about it, 2) RF sales don't appear to be going for premium prices anyway, and 3) the occasional ethical professional buyer will pay for additional uses. This was negotiated by Alamy in my behalf a few months back and the combined fees amounted to more than any RF fee would likely have been.

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