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Found 8 results

  1. Hi I've been a bit of a sporadic contributor for a while but having a bit more time on my hands lately (thanks COVID) I've been looking through some of my images and the image manager options. I've only ever filled in the fields in the mandatory tab. I didn't even look in the optional tab. I think I naively assumed anything important would have been on the mandatory tab. However having finally looked in the optional tab I see there is a tick box for editorial use only which I obviously haven't been ticking. Apart from some photographs taken of my daughter, I have no property or mod
  2. I would like to know if the following image (link image) is for Right Manage or Royalty Free images ? Thanks
  3. Hello everyone. Back on the forums after several years of absence. This has probably been asked dozens of times, but here goes. 100% of my images have been RM since 2008, and I've always been reluctant to offer anything as RF. Am I being too cautious? I understand that RF gives the buyer unlimited use of my images, but to be honest, some of my RM sales seem to have a very long rights period for the buyer, with very little revenue coming my way anyway. I think we're all generally seeing sluggish zooms and sales, but I was wondering if they would improve if I offered at l
  4. Hi Guys, About to do some model release photos in studio and got thinking how pedantic we are supposed to get with the model and property releases? What really got me thinking was I have no problem getting the model release but what about the clothes she may be wearing? Do I need a release from River Island, M&S, Next? Also what about jewellery? Make-up? Surely these all come up as property? Tell me to get back to key wording and stop thinking so much and creating problems that are not there Happy Easter Regards Paul Thompson Edit No it is not an excuse to ask her to
  5. I'm a newbie with Alamy and getting my first 4 images ready to upload. Been reading through the various topics here and what a wealth of information. I've learned a lot by just reading through. However, I have a question about RM & RF. I have uploaded some pics in another agency that is RF only. I do understand about model and property releases and editorial use. I work in China and my work takes me to very rural areas around China with great people and fantastic landscapes. Most of the people in my photos are from villages far from cities. Most don't even have televisions or access to cur
  6. How do you all choose between RM and RF when submitting images to Alamy? Which have you had more success with as far as sales?
  7. I'm a new contributor and am wondering what I should consider when selecting either "Rights Managed" or "Royalty Free"? For example, should I make all my images to default to RF, but select RM if I feel the image has potential for advertising or magazine use? What experiences have you had? Upsides and downsides?
  8. I'm a newbie to stock photography, so please excuse the naivety of this question. Having read into the differences between rights managed, and royalty free images I'd thought it best to set my default licence to rights managed. I happened to be in a dialogue with a really helpful lady at Alamy member services who mentioned as I had the relevant releases for a particular image that RF might be the best option. What are your experiences of royalty free v rights managed? Do you usually get the volume of RF sales on Alamy to justify the lower prices? I'm now really confused. I have ano
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