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USA, Washingtonian magazine, April 2017 issue


Pg. 14, NY Times journalist, Glenn Thrush (cut out of just Glenn), DPA Picture Alliance (credit to Alamy only)




Pg. 14, Donald Jr and Eric Trump (cut out), PA Images (Credit to Alamy only)



Pg. 14, Melania Trump (cut out), Zuma Press (credit to Alamy only)


It may not be this exact frame




Pg. 14, Jeff Sessions (cut out) Zuma Press



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Guardian online

EW9BXF James Osmond  Dunes at Crow Point, Braunton Burrows.
CPY9K5 Christopher Mills Otters
C5DG24 Anna Stowe Landscapes UK View of Baggy Point a headland near Croyde
C6YTDG   Pictorial Press Ltd WOOLACOMBE and Morte Bay
CW1JXB  Nik Taylor Family cycling along the Tarka Trail

EC5YHB CHROMORANGE / Beate Tuerk  Juneberry branch with blossoms

Telegraph online

DF1YEB David Chapman Starling
BCD08E Avalon/Photoshot License  Starlings flock to a winter roost in Gloucestershire
BB3YJJ Image navi - Sozaijiten  Gin and Tonic

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One of mine


New Scientist

Scott Pruitt’s climate denial may be Putin’s real prize
Stacy Walsh Rosenstock/Alamy Live News

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Elf beeindruckende Geisterstädte

Eleven impressive ghost towns

BTYGR4 James Cheadle / Alamy Stock Photo


GEE0EW Mary Swann / Alamy Stock Photo


CWW8K2 Jelle Vanderwolf / Alamy Stock Photo


F4FGTD Imageplotter / Alamy Stock Photo


F6T12A Paulette Sinclair / Alamy Stock Photo


DNRJFF David Litschel / Alamy Stock Photo


B55E13 John Henshall / Alamy Stock Photo


AP4X3F Rob Cousins / Alamy Stock Photo


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USA, New York Times Style Magazine, March 26th 2017 issue


Pg. 32, Painting by Vilhelm Hammershoi, "Dust Motes Dancing in the Sunbeams", Artepics




Pg. 154, Cafe in Vienna, Austria, Lionel Derimais



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‘Commanding our attention’: Sônia Braga as Clara in Kleber Mendonça Filho’s Aquarius.


The New Review  |  26 Mar 2017  |  UK  |  English   | Page: 26
Image ID: HH0APD 
Edited by Lisa
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Cheers Joe


Times 27th


C6C53K Lordprice Collection Piccadilly and Green Park London, 1897 Victorian photograph looking West down the street towards Hyde Park Corner


Group of visitors climbing stairs in the Great Hall of the Natural History Museum in London - that I can't find.


HX9PK0 Penzance, Cornwall, UK. 26th March 2017. UK Weather. As the clocks go forwards, the sun rises over St Michaels mount, and mounts bay, with another sunny day ahead for Cornwall. It was however feeling chillier in the strong easterly wind. Credit: Simon Maycock/Alamy Live News


DAC6XX Julian Eales A Kelly's Cornish Ice cream Van on Harlyn Bay Cornwall UK on a sunny summer day with customers buying ices

Edited by Bryan
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Sunday Times 26th


EYX920  Adrian Sherratt  King Edward Road in Moseley which is being featured in the urban section of ‘Best Places to Live’ (1 Mar 2015

ENCJDF  Mark Waugh Midtown Atlanta in Georga USA Coca Cola Headquarters offices The most visible building on the site is a 29-story, high One Coca




F4CMHK  roger parkes Stock Photo - mother trys shoes on her daughter GV's , retail units and shoppers at Forster Square Retail Park, Bradford . A British Land PLC retail property

H6E8F9  EnVogue_Photo  British exports and imports being unloaded and loaded at Seaforth Docks, Liverpool2, Merseyside, UK

ABNX25  Roger Bamber BMW's Mini BMW with Mini Coopers parked at Southampton Docks awaiting shipment

EF957K   Barry Diomede Three smiling students wearing blue school uniforms with mobile phone in school corridor

E8JWCM  Godong Hermitage Museum. The loggia of Raphael. God creating Heaven and Earth

A6EE9T  Clynt Garnham  Glass of fresh tap water

C248F4  Nick Lylak  An EON electricity smart meter monitoring live consumption of electricity in a domestic property England UK

DHF3BJ Monty Rakusen  park from wire erosion machine in factory

F2HY01  Kristoffer Tripplaar  A logo sign outside of a facility occupied by PepsiCo Inc., in Plano, Texas on September 12, 2015




F6Y459   Brian Overcast  Todd Edwards prepares a latte in his Olé Latte food cart in downtown Portland, Oregon

F6Y430  Brian Overcast   A bicycle parked in front of a mural in Portland, Oregon

C4M7BT  Eyebyte  Paphos Archaeological Park ruins,Pafos harbour,Cyprus

DBPDG4 Neil Farrin  Kyrenia Harbour, Kyrenia, North Cyprus, Cyprus, Mediterranean, Europe

 ARC9TH Lee Frost Dunstanburgh Castle, Northumberland, England

B5X2WA  Rick Strange  1264 Alnwick Gardens Northumberland UK

C6R173  JOHN KELLERMAN Europe, Netherlands, Canal and Row Houses in Amsterdam

H2JGFC  Paul Williams  A Hadrians Wall milecastle fort near Houseteads Roman Fort, Vercovicium, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Northumberland, England

DRXDAP  Sergey Borisov Manhattan Skyline

Edited by Bryan
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Telegraph  Online  27/03/17

GF1305      AHMED JADALLAH    A Lamborghini car used by Dubai police is seen at the Arabian Travel Market exhibition in Dubai May 6, 2013. REUTERS/Ahmed Jadallah (UNITED ARAB EMIRATES  


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Telegraph  Online  27/03/17


CN8GW7    David Kilpatrick   Aircraft cabin overhead illuminated sign, Fasten Seat Belt


E5J2NM      Alex Segre    EasyJet cabin crew demonstrating use of lifejacket during safety procedure

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Telegraph  Online  27/03/17


A7GA6W     Juice Images   A businessman drinking champagne on a flight


C0YPCP    David Gee 4    Exit row emergency exit door, to escape from the cabin / fuselage on an Airbus aircraft / airplane / plane / aeroplane


HB90DR    Zoonar/Nikolai Sorokin    Pilots in the plane cockpit and sunset

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