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Locations - a beginner's question

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In manage images. Where you ready your images for sale, you can drag images with the same content to the bottom box and all the keywords you enter will be on each image. I think you have to do attributes one at a time.

I've never used this feature since I keyword in Bridge. In Bridge, I can select images with the same content as a batch and the keywords apply to each image.

Of course, at the moment you might have to add commas after import. That is if you use them. Some contributors are finding the commas are there after upload. I could be wrong, but this suggests to me once the new Manage Images is rolled out to everyone (it's a work in progress) that commas after a single keyword and after a phrase will be useful.

At the moment, in Manage Images you can simply keyword one image, then use copy/paste to apply them to another image. I often do that if I think of new keywords to add to the ones I've already applied.


It's tricky at the end of a page. If you are copy pasting from one page to another, then each box you paste must be saved before you go to the other page to copy the next box.


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I follow set routine these days. Keyword in Lightroom, and those keywords are automatically read into the comprehensive box within the Alamy system.


Drag all of the images into the bottom box for batch processing and deal firstly with attributes. You generally won't be able to do the number of people field of a batch as you need to check each image individually, but all of the other boxes can be checked.


Clear the batch of images from the bottom.


Select a batch of images taken at the same location and drag them down to the bottom of the screen. Complete the location field and then, for shots that are location sensitive, copy that field into the title field. Repeat until you have covered all locations.


Be very careful not to enter anything into the comprehensive field during batch processing as that will delete all of your keywords entered in LR or whatever else you use.


Now tackle each image in turn copying from the comp. field into the other areas as appropriate. You can generally also copy some, if not all, between some images.


If you have shot the subject in the past, it is useful to open that image within a separate Manages Images window and copy over the details. I use two screens, so this is really easy in that instance.


Of course this will all change when the new system gets under way. Lots of learning to do, but with some long anticipated improvements coming, for example the batch addition or deletion of keywords to existing on sale images.

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