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Another mystery object

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Lovely design, that French fountain, but I wouldn't want to drink from it. 




These are all over the older parts of Rome, and I always stopped for a refreshing sip. 




This one on my street is colorful, but it's not for sipping. (In fact I suspect it's dry.) 

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I'd better accept fountain(e) before this gets too far out of hand! Is this the kind of thing people buy at Ann Summers? Looks a bit heavy, you'd need to have it delivered. I've clearly lead too sheltered a life.


Thanks folks, very helpful.


Now if I only had access to the new contributor tools, I could edit the keywords on this tablet....

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How about the down spout of the rain gutter, which in french is called a dauphin, a dolphin?

And sometimes looks like one too.


Can you find the spot on Google Maps?




edit: A wall fountain with the tap missing is still a possibility. However the bottom of the image seems to indicate there's some moist there and possibly a drain.

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