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Hello from Italy


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2 hours ago, Joseph Clemson said:

The old-timers here try hard for the place not to be, nor to to become microstock, in spite of the best efforts of Alamy.


Well said Joseph.;)





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Sure, it's moving in that direction in some ways and it drives most of us nuts, but I'd rather keep on fighting that than giving up and making a joke about the only thing I have left to live for. 


I sure hope it won't turn into a Microstock site! But, last rumour I heard is that Alamy is dishing out subscription packages for Private Use licenses.....................what makes you think that they won't for normal licenses? Perhaps this is the wrong place to discuss this but would be interesting to hear your thoughts.


Lastly, I'm a bit of a joker as you have probably gathered so don't take me too seriously, I come in peace :)  





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Sorry again, but is hard for me understand all in english, you are right, there are different possibilities than other agencies, but I'm here as in the other, and I can not use Alamy if not as royalte free ..You are all very good, and I must say that at least here does not get much of the unclean trash that is polluting the other agencies
Thank you for welcoming me

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