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I have contributed here only a little, then had some health issues that kept me away for some time but I am slowly coming back.  My question is about valid releases.  Will Alamy accept other releases besides the ones on the resources page?


Further, I had a very good friend (just passed away) named Rich Halperin who was an attorney, NANPA Board Member and Past President (as am I except for the attorney part).  He contributed greatly to the photographer's rights issues and was emphatic that model/property releases DO NOT require an exchange of "valuable consideration" - they ARE NOT contracts, they are releases.  So my question is, will Alamy accept my custom written release that does not include an exchange of "valuable consideration".


Some background if interested.  I rarely do planned photo shoots with professional models.  I am a nature/landscape photographer and need releases only occasionally when I find someone doing something interesting or a piece of private property that would just make a nice photograph - which includes livestock and other agricultural items, especially horses.  So I really don't (can't) give folks money on such a speculative shot.  I have in the past occasionally offered a print of the person or property as a thank you but almost never actual cash.


Interestingly, I am finishing up a unique (for me anyway) project - I have volunteered my time at a local "Equestrian Assisted Activities and Therapy" center and donated my time to do the photography for a college level text book on the subject.  My only "payment" was I retained the copyright on all the images and that model/property releases would be provided.  I believe there are some valuable stock images in the batch of over 6,000 images but I want to make sure I have releases that Alamy will except.


All help is greatly appreciated, 

Bill Plunkett

Longview Texas

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I totally agree and it is a phrase I often use myself with anyone who I ask to sign  'This is not a contact - it is a release to say you fully understand that the images may be used'  as for value I use an iPad app and have created a release that give the payment as £1.00 - I guess it could be $1.00 - then they have been paid - end of issue.

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Matt, you mentioned a iPad app.  I use Easy Release - because it is actually easy to use and you can create your own text.  Then the model can digitally sign the release, I can take a photo of them and it is placed in the release, then a copy emailed to me and the model.


App is very nicely done, and since I always have my iPad or iPhone with me, I always have a release ready.


I also like the idea of just putting N/A in the consideration box...


thanks everyone,


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I can not speak for Alamy on their policy on releases.


I will tell you that I've done corporate location photography

for annual reports and advertising, using company employees

and customers for over three decades and at the start of everyday

before a location shoot I would get $20 or $30 one dollar bills and

each person signing a release or appearing in a photograph received

$1.00 and according to the large legal departments of these

Fortune 500 corporations that constituted a binding model



While I have almost exclusively used Alamy model releases

on images that I've submitted to Alamy there are two pictures

of teenagers that I did in the 80's and had my own American

Association of Media Professionals (ASMP) and Alamy had

no problem with the releases.  Check with Alamy.


Chuck (Still the original Chuck)

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Any agreement that is deemed one sided can much more easily be struck down in court. A MR with no consideration, even just a photo which in itself does have great value, is far too one-sided to be tested in a court in many jurisdictions.

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