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  1. Matt, you mentioned a iPad app. I use Easy Release - because it is actually easy to use and you can create your own text. Then the model can digitally sign the release, I can take a photo of them and it is placed in the release, then a copy emailed to me and the model. App is very nicely done, and since I always have my iPad or iPhone with me, I always have a release ready. I also like the idea of just putting N/A in the consideration box... thanks everyone, Bill
  2. I have contributed here only a little, then had some health issues that kept me away for some time but I am slowly coming back. My question is about valid releases. Will Alamy accept other releases besides the ones on the resources page? Further, I had a very good friend (just passed away) named Rich Halperin who was an attorney, NANPA Board Member and Past President (as am I except for the attorney part). He contributed greatly to the photographer's rights issues and was emphatic that model/property releases DO NOT require an exchange of "valuable consideration" - they ARE NOT contract
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