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July Challenge - We have a winner!


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Thank you all for participating and voting in the July challenge!


After a very strong race, we have a clear winner.
Philippe escaped the peleton right from the starting line and stayed in the lead of the course till the finish line.
The others came a bit nearer in the end, but it's Philippe who can stage the next race.
At noon the tally was:
1 - Philippe Clement - lightning striking an oil refinery (14 votes [30.43%])

Keith Douglas - Rifugio Duca Degli Abruzzi (6 votes [13.04%])

Alan Wrigley (Inchiquin) - The Kelpies at night in Falkirk, Stirling (5 votes [10.87%])
Michael Ventura - Baltimore Inner Harbor with couple on Federal Hill (5 votes [10.87%])

Ann E Parry - Javits Center reflecting Manhattan with the New York Hotel (4 votes [8.70%])
Graham Morley - Coronation Buildings Vauxhall in 1968 (4 votes [8.70%])
John Keates (Stokie) - Two Cornish tin mines near Pendeen (4 votes [8.70%])
Jools Elliott - Florence sunset over the Arno River - video (3 votes [6.52%])
Phil Crean - Seagulls on a crane on Tenerife (1 votes [2.17%])


The quality level of the images was very high and made selection more difficult than I had expected.

Except for the number one, which is indeed a striking, forgive the pun, image, this is visible in the outcome as well: quite a dense pack. One of my favorites came last. My own vote is in there in the number 3 region. My own runner up would have been in the number 4 region.


Now it's over to Philippe.


Thanks again everybody for your images and your votes!



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Well done Phillipe with your oil refinery image - it was always going to be the one to beat.


Thanks everyone for your votes to put my image in second place - my best ever finish. Coming second has its plus points - I just avoided the stress of having to come up with a subject for August, and more importantly, having to judge what will inevitably be some great work!!



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Thanks Win for running a very interesting challenge.


Congrats to Philippe - a worthy winner.


And thanks again for selecting one of mine to be in the final 8 images and the 4 people that voted for me!



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