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deliberately blurred images

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I have a number of images which use blurring to focus on a single moving object. Often vehicles or cycles.  I have seen lots of this type of stock images in newspapers, and a couple on alamy  - trees in this case, very nice from a forum member.  


Will these be failed on upload? I don't want to risk a fail for deliberate use of motion.



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If the blurring is obviously intended and it is not just a bit soft especially if there is something sharp in the image thern it does not seem to be a problem. I have several recent uploads of clearly blurred people walking by a shop or building that is sharp.


I also had a completely and dramatically blurred image the start of a marathon not rejected in a recent news upload. May not be a formal QC process but they are reviewed - the news team often change headline image and take a view of which they will send out. That said I would probably have not uploaded it through the usual QC route but I felt it made sense in the context of the  other images in the set.

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QC know the difference between deliberate motion blur and camera shake, and the use of deliberate camera shake/motion to achieve an effect. The shots below had deliberate camera motion combined with slow shutter speed:


moving camera up and down with slow shutter speed.



Twisting camera around the point of focus resulting in this tunnel vision look.



and a pan of cyclist with slow shutter speed.



So I woudn't worry about uploading if the motion is obvious. Good luck.



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Just make sure it is very obviously blurred. In photography, "a little bit" will always look like a flaw. If necessary, overdo it with Photoshop (filter > blur > motion blur).





I'm regretting uploading an image at the weekend that had motion blur: I think it has probably failed.


I wish I had taken Phillippe's advice!

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