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January Challenge 'Sunset'

Colin Woods

January challenge  

50 members have voted

  1. 1. My fave from this month's glorious selection is

    • Arterra's fishing nets
    • Paulstw's Loch Lomond tree DABMNJ
    • NielsVK's mountain bikers C7MKYG
    • Doc's Tanzania palm trees CWWEJJ
    • Michael Ventura's West Indies beach AA8YNK
    • dlmphotog's Diamond Head lighthouse A9r421
    • wiskerke's U Bein bridge AYN3CO
    • dustydingo's the dove from above A68FGT

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Well everyone its that time again. The end of the month means that its time to vote for your favourite sunset picture. There were so many great pics this month, my shortlist was 15 pictures. I had to get that down to eight, which was so hard. Thanks to everyone who entered and here are the eight finalists



1. Arterra's Fishing Nets





2. Paulstw's Loch Lomond tree DABMNJ





3. NielsVK's mountain bikers (and I am waiting eagerly until spring is here and I can start to carve the trails myself)






4. Doc's Tanzania palm trees (lets hope Doc gets more than 0 votes this time)





5. Michael Ventura's West Indies beach





6.dlmphotog's Diamond Head lighthouse





7. wiskerke's U Bein bridge




8. dustydingo's dove from above





There you go everyone, thanks once again to all who entered. I will hand over to the winner on the 7th January at the end of the day.





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My sentiments exactly, Paulette, since I'm so fond of the usual suspects participating in the monthly challenges.... Thank you, Colin, and well done to all finalists.  - Ann


Thanks for making it anonymous voting, Colin. I think it helps to keep personalities out of it. I love the one I voted for!!! All are lovely.



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I think the anonymous votes are a bit better too. I'd love to say that I made the votes anonymous on purpose but, in fact, I just forgot to tick the box. It is better though. I would also like to see a poll where we only see the number of votes per picture after we have voted so that our opinion can't be skewed by seeing which shot the others like the most. There were so many great shots this month, and at the moment no clear winner. In the event of a tie at the end of Jan 7th I will put up a second poll with the tied pictures to choose from. 





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