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Refunded infringement

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A refund has just come through for one of mine used in the Telegraph back at the beginning of 2022.
It wasn't reported, but I found it, informed Alamy, and they invoiced it in October 2022.
I have just seen it never cleared - and has been refunded nearly two years after the original use.
I have a screenshot of the usage (never delete anything!)

Anyone else had any dodgy refunds today?

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On 22/12/2023 at 22:28, SShep said:

Just had exactly the same situation - same paper, same dates, reported by me and never cleared.  I too have a screenshot.


I am waiting for a response from Alamy - I have asked for it to be reinvoiced AT THE SAME FEE and fully expect that to be done, soon. This isn't a blogger somewhere in the Far East who they can't get to, it is a national newspaper.


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I made a post here about an image reported sold (no names, no references, no numbers) in 2019, which is STILL uncleared. Contacted Alamy about it 3 times, saying they're "on it".
The post has mysteriously disappeared.

Last week I came across an image still being used outside the invoiced period.
Got a mail back saying "thanks for flagging it, we're looking into it".

How is it that WE have to chase our own images to see if we're being paid or if payments have cleared?
We're getting paid less and less for each image, and we have to police stuff ourselves.

I'm already fighting as it is with the pennies I'm getting to reach that 250 bucks threshold before I'm getting paid EVEN less. I'm getting ready to just leave this whole stock photography behind. It's giving me more head aches than what it's worth.

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I had a sale for a major magazine that went unpaid for a year. It was refunded. It was then recorded as a sale at a higher price point, and went unpaid. This transpired over two years time. As it was refunded again in August, it may affect my commission model, years after the original sale. If it was refunded at the original amount and backdated, it would not. This was all an accounting mess. These refunds should be backdated to the original sale date at the original price. If Alamy can afford to write off these bad debts then it can afford to treat its contributors fairly.

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