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  1. Average sales with good fees until April. As an underwater and travel photographer, not surpised. Then nothing until late August. I was excited until I saw the sale. .99 for a perpetual non-commercial license on an RM image. Bloody absurd.
  2. Just noticed that neither is functioning on my account. No one is answering inquiries...anyone else having problems in this regard? Cheers, Marli Wakeling
  3. Thanks, Michael, I've not had this happen before.
  4. I was due for a payment today. Now my account says that I will be paid May 1st. Given that I have waited for months for sales to clear already, I wondered if anyone else had this happen today?
  5. Three sales in January, low $ for one, absurdly low pittance for the other two. A new low. $2.19 each for two Rights Managed Images. One of the images was licenced for $54 last year. I wish we could opt out of bulk discount sales.
  6. I search for image use more frequently after an infringement. I found one photo used by National Geographic News in early January and another today from an online magazine in Canada used last week. Credit to myself and Alamy on the websites. Neither on my account. I am now wondering how many sales vanished into thin air? Is it usual for delays in sales posting?
  7. news.nationalgeographic.com January 3, 2017 http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/01/granny-j2-killer-whale-orca-presumed-dead-washington-puget-sound/ Credit to me and Alamy, but not yet on my account.
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