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Security Alert on Contributor accounts - please check your account details

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Having been scammed on my last trip abroad with my laptop, phones and ATMs not working, so I nearly ran out of cash, I very much appreciate everyone's attention to us all staying safe online, especially as scamming is part of the hybrid wars advocated in his book many years ago by the Russian Chief of General Staff. I imagine every state and criminal might well think it is routine procedure now to use for whatever ends they think best.

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Surely the ideal procedure, as used by some of my other accounts, is if confidential details are changed, an email or text is sent advising that I should contact the account if I did not make the changes myself. Also 2 factor authentication verified by the account holders phone is another means to protect accounts from potential fraud. Although less likely, as well as contributor accounts have the accounts of purchasers been compromised?



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I just logged in to check my Account/Payment details and there is no way to check that my current details are in fact correct. The only way to check details is to Change the payment details, which then leads you to a blank form.  There are ways to make payment details available and visible to the user without jeopardizing the information. 

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