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Hi Fotolincs

If you look at the 'Have you found any Alamy photos...' you'll find I report what I find used by the Beeb.

You're right that Getty outnumber Alamy by miles.

Annoyingly some reported as PA media are in fact from Alamy contributors which muddies things.

I believe they used Alamy more in the past but perhaps it's pressure to use licence payers money wisely that drives them to use Getty who offer images I hear for fractions of a penny.


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Some other BBC progs use Alamy pics.

I noticed one one-time on 'Repair Shop' and 'Pointless' often has a picture round often featuring famous buildings, birds or celebs etc;

Thing is - you don't realise you've been looking at Alamy pics until it mentions Alamy in the titles at the end of the show.



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I recollect seeing Alamy mentioned on a few stations/ programs.  Freeview 39, 20 and 12 come to mind. Unfortunately the mention is gone as quick as it shows and no indication which images/videos they are.




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Well it looks like I have missed Alamy images when they are used by the Beeb. I well remember xmas 2005 regarding the Beeb.. I walked into WH Smiths and one of my blue damselflies pix was all over the place, took me quite by surprise.  It was on the dust cover of David Attenborough's book, life in the undergrowth.  A rare win!

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