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Portugal, port wine production c 1960


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29 minutes ago, Jose Decio Molaro said:

Isn't this photo from Brasilia, Brazil?



There are photos by different photographers and from different places on my website. 


This gallery is from Portugal and is about the production of port wine  around 1960 :



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17 hours ago, Betty LaRue said:

Those are really nice. I’m useless to know, though.



Thanks Betty. I like them too. Glad that I was able to find them and bring them to life.

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Just been looking at your images that you have of Brasilia.

Interesting seeing those aerial shots (like ref. 20281) showing the planned development of Brazil's new capital city without the 'organic' growth that most cities tend to have.


I, and I'm sure others, enjoy seeing your finds !

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Thank you Albert Snapper.


Here is my blog about the photographer who took the Brazil pictures.


As you will see I still have a lot to do!


It does make me feel good that I am bringing her images to the world!


Glad that you and hopefully others appreciate seeing them. 



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