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September Challenge Votes

Colin Woods

September Challenge BROKEN. Time to vote  

40 members have voted

  1. 1. My winner for he september challenge is

    • Michael Ventura's Depressed Teenager
    • meanderingemu's Mended heart
    • Sybille Reuter's Chernobyl Gas Masks
    • Olivier Parent's Abandoned Van
    • TeeCee's Crashed Car
    • Sally R's SS Wyola
    • MDM's Erupting Volcano
    • aphperspective's Broken Telegraph Pole

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Another month flies by. Thanks for all the great entries, from which the last eight are selected below. Not that I am trying to influence the votes, but I had to laugh at TeeCee's caption. I suspect that the homeowner may have a bit more than a broken front door to think about. Anyway here you go. As usual the poll will close on the 7th October and the winner gets to set the new topic.


The finalists are


1. Michael Ventura's Depressed Teenager

14 year old girl teenager with depression upset  in her bedroom MR - Stock Image



2. meanderingemu's Mended Heart

Concrete wall with a crack, covered by a wool knitting of two parts of heart held together by a single string. - Stock Image

3. Sybille Reuter's Chernobyl Gas Masks
Soviet-era gas masks are hung up on a weathered TV screen in an abandoned building in Pripyat, Ukraine, site of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear desaster. - Stock Image
4. Olivier Parent's Abandoned Van
Rust - old rusted van in Olympic National Park Washington State USA - Stock Image
5. TeeCee's Crashed Car
A Volkswagen Golf demolished the corner of Hornby Cottage, a listed cottage in Welford on Avon, Warwickshire - Stock Image
6. Sally R's SS Wyola
Remains of the 306 GRT steam tug boat SS Wyola at dusk at CY O'Connor Beach in the southern Perth suburb of North Coogee, Western Australia - Stock Image
7. MDM's Erupting Volcano

Stromboli Volcano, on the Mediterranean island of Stromboli, erupting explosively at night in 1992 from a large summit crater - Stock Image


8. aphperspective's Broken Telelgraph Pole

Broken telephone pole or telegraph pole hanging in the road - Stock Image



Edited by Colin Woods
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And as a note to meanderingemu, your keywords for the mended heart don't include mended, mending, repair, etc. Or at least when I was looking at the photo here to find its Alamy ID those words were not in the list visible to me.

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10 hours ago, Colin Woods said:

And as a note to meanderingemu, your keywords for the mended heart don't include mended, mending, repair, etc. Or at least when I was looking at the photo here to find its Alamy ID those words were not in the list visible to me.


thank you Colin for including my image, and for this information.  I guess i was in a dark mood when i did the KW, as I only saw the negative part of the image (break, broken etc...) and didn't see the mending until I used it for you wishing you well.     



Edited by meanderingemu
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Thanks for including the modified entrance to my next door neighbour's cottage Colin.
Not the first (or the last) time this happened, it's situated on a T junction, and the local boy racers seem oblivious to understanding a 30mph speed sign.
We've now moved to comparative safety ...175 miles away.

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In the final straight Chernobyl is currently beating Stomboli by a nose. If you haven't voted yet then get cracking - the challenge ends tomorrow evening and the winner will be fêted. Well, the winner will get to set the new subject.

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Its 6.30pm here in Quebec and finally we have a clear winner, with Sybille Reuter's excellent photo of the gas masks in Chernobyl. Thanks to everyone for sending in their photos and I will now hand over to Sybille to set the next subject.

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Thank you Colin and everyone! Feeling very honored and fêted! Way to go, a victory on the shoulders of thousands of people's tragedies (including Colin's) 🥺


Just to reiterate the previous topics, new one incoming... :



September - Broken

August - Homemade or home grown 

July - Fire, water, earth and air

June - Green

May - Signs

April - Social Gathering

March - Fog and Mist

February - Sustainability

January - Irony


December - Holiday Spirit

November - Empty

October - Attention to the Reflection (Urban) 
September - Faces
August - Climate
July - Children in Action
June - Remembrance, Honouring, Celebrating
May - The Thrill and Joy of Sport
April - Women's Role in Todays Society
March - Eating
February - What is Love?
January - Happy New! 
December - Converging Lines
November - The City
October - You Wear It Well
September - Think Local
August - NEWS
July - FUN
June - National parks scenery (pure nature)
May - Twilight
April - In or On the Water
March - Without leaving the house (or garden)
February - Winter Activities
January -  Music 
December - Taste
November - Iconic
October - Failure
September - Critters
August - On The Beach
July - Street Art
June - Festivals
May - Transport
April - Proverbs and sayings
March - Urban Wildlife
February - Urban Landscape
January - Friendship and Friends 
December - Behind
November - Trees
October - River
September - Our Native Land
August - Digital Manipulation
July - Pedal Power
June - Help
May - Worm's eye view
April - City
March - Joy of Travel
February - The Blue Hour
January  -  Silhouettes and Shadows 
December - Motion
November - Solitary
October - The Decisive Moment
September - Concept
August - Travel Magazine cover
July - Skyline
June - Environmentally Friendly
May - Communication
April - Little
March - The Good Life
February - I don't know why I like it..
January - Informal Portrait of a Stranger 
December - Festivities
November - Autumn Colour (Color)
October - Shoot Local
September - Music
August - Bridges
July - My Favourite Place
June - Perspective
May - Rules
April - Abstract/Minimalism
March - Health
February - The Unusual / The Weird / The Lucky Shot
January - Sunset 
December - Peace
November - Cold

October - Harmony

September - Triumphant

August - Taking it easy

July - Heat

June - Night

May - Excess

April - In the Air

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