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Motor Sports pictures 1960s


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Here are the quick unedited RAWS of literally ALL of the slides with cars in motor sports driver Bill de Selincourt's collection. If they are out of focus most likely they are out of focus. 


First off they were all in a complete muddle so I copied them as they came out of the box. Now having worked through and added brief captions I can see how to untangle the muddle and reorganise. 


I thought that some might like seeing them and also that you may be able to offer some help especially where there is no caption, or I have made a boo-boo. 



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14 minutes ago, Malcolm Park said:

I recognise some of the cars, but cannot with confidence help with captioning. You have a really interesting set there, out of focus or not. Well done, nice job.


It has certainly been a learning curve, especially as some of the captions on the slide mounts are wrong  ( a driver called John Quick captioned as J Speed!) 🙃


And some of the online motor sports records seem a bit inaccurate -saying that somebody DNA ( did not attend) when I have a picture of them there racing!


Thanks for your positive comments. 


These were perhaps the last days of the noble amateur racing driver. Bill de Selincourt lost both parents and his first wife in the late 1950s, and funded himself in motor sports already getting into middle age. Quite a forgotten hero in a way. And no pictures of him on any stock sites! 


"Very sadly I have to record the passing of a truly enthusiastic gentleman driver. After a short illness Bill died yesterday in his 94th year, with his family by his side. He was the first Briton to win a continental Formula Junior race at Cadours in 1959 and in so doing beat a field containing 5 drivers who had or would contest F1 World Championship races. In that same year he won the MotorSport Trophy and the Autosport Championship. In the early 60s he was twice 2nd in class in the Nurburgring 1000kms." ( died 2014)

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What I am planning on doing is to process the RAWS that I have been able to caption so that they are in correct sequence ie) all the Monza Grand Prix together, then Monaco, Goodwood in June, portraits of Bill etc. 


I thought that I might need to contact a specialist Motor Sports photo agency but as they don't reply to my emails I will probably go Alamy exclusive. I'll keep the RAWS on my website and also the new JPEGS once processed. Looks like some will have to remain unused as I just don't know what they show.


ie) March 1962 - can't see a car with that number in the records. Is it Goodwood?


I recognise the historical value but it is all a bit lost on me as I don't know anything about Motor Sports. 


'Old car going very fast on race track' 😃

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Paul-Henri Cahier could probably help as he or his father Bernard were most likely at those races.  I don't know if he would be willing to help but you could ask.  I don't know how to contact him directly but he has a Facebook page and website and he might enjoy seeing those old photos.  https://www.facebook.com/paulhenri.cahier


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