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Once upon a time I played a Euphonium very badly. The main part looks like one of those  (like a half sized Tuba) but the rest is made from odd parts of other instruments. The valve paddles look like from a French Horn; there are 4 of them. Most brass instruments only have three


The best part of being in the band was we wore rather smart red hats rather than the drab rigs of the rest of the cadets and we could move about a bit rather than the rest of the parade who had a tendency to pass out from the heat


That was Canada in about 1960. Only boys! We all hated it, but the highschool received a hefty grant they couldn't resist

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Aha! so it's a real thing not just a one-off lashup. Interesting to see how many trombone variations there have been. My Euphonium shared the same mouthpiece with the trombone and could hit pretty well all the same notes, but couldn't produce the same effect 

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