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I've been having trouble uploading lately. I have tried both the online uploader and FileZilla, and they both get stuck for a longtime and eventually stop. They first all get stuck (I've tried uploading anywhere from 1-7 photos simultaneously) at 524288 bytes (512 kb, or halve a megabyte) and then Occasionally creep up little by little. I've been able to upload two photos in the last 10+ attempts. The rest all just crashed. Is Alamy experiencing slow servers now? I know the pandemic is of course limiting staff availability, but I didn't know it would also affect uploads... or is it an issue on my end? Has anyone else had this problem lately?


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Yes for over a week I've found uploading photo either by ftp or the alamy uploader so slow that I've stopped uploading images.

I've tested my internet speeds and also uploaded images to other servers without any issues.

I'm guessing the alamy servers my have an issues.

Has anyone else had slow upload issues?

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