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2020 March Favourite Uploads


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21 hours ago, NYCat said:

Hey, Blue Eyes, that makes me smile.




My word, Paulette, steady on. You'll be making the poor man blush. He's British, don't you know. 🙂

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A few slide scans I missed a few years ago.

Ballys Reno casino, now Grand Sierra Resort, in 1987.

My aunt's Mercedes 560SE (I think).







State line and state flags of California (no gambling) and Nevada (gambling allowed!) in the dining room of the Cal-Neva lodge, now closed





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I just moved into a new flat before coronavirus took over and I'm hugely appreciative of having a big panoramic view, even if it's a bit high risey. Gives me something to look at because my tv's in a foreign country. Rear window anyone? 😛


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Not sure how to do this? And I'll guess in advance, this is something I like and might have no appeal to anyone else here. Took me until March to get around to editing and uploading some of these.




Takuma Sato Indycar driver at Road America 2019.

1/100th of a second


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