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  1. New rules at one of the venues, I have to have "an assignment" I can't just say, I shoot for an agency.
  2. Submission failure, data error, is not the same as a QC review rejection. Nice to see that everything worked out and they passed.
  3. I copied someone else's link, replaced with my image ID. There must be an easier way to make a share link for the forum? This larger size.
  4. Thanks for understanding the conundrum of an infinite echo chamber of disinformation. When is 1 million not 1 million? When some sites claim it's a byte count instead of a pixel count? But my simple point was (which I made to complex as usual) The software that is used for intake of images, might be calculating wrong. I know on another site that uploading an image that exactly 4MP = 4,000,000 will get a size rejection, but 4,096,000 will pass. The Moon illusion is another example, when a search is simple and has the answer... which isn't the answer? Water droplets? Give me a break!
  5. OK I'll settle for #1, I'm always happy when I don't wake up and find myself dead? Not like I'm a creaking old piece of rubble, but my brain still thinks I can do things, that my body say "oh no you can't". 😉
  6. In general NO. All ethics and other considerations aside, you were on private property, you don't have permission, rights are restricted. This is also known as "Don't Do It". 😉 Unlike some others try to argue, the law is not, if they don't stop you, you can license. The law's are, if you don't have permission, you can't use the images. In a public place, you can take photos (remember I'm in the US and the laws are different in different countries)... you can take the photos, but you can't use them for commercial purposes. The 1st Amendment protects the rights and freedo
  7. 1. I'm 73 and I woke up this morning. 2. There are squash on the vines in our garden, I'll bake one tonight. 3. Before I went down this rabbit hole, called forums, I created a new Vector and uploaded it. 4. The lady on the corner is having her last garage sale for the season, and she makes pickles, dilly beans and jars of asparagus. At prices 1/3rd of stores. 5. I filled the bird feeders which are line of sight, just over the top of my monitor, while I'm editing. 6. The Green Bay Packers are 3-0
  8. LOL yeah we all do that. 😎 Wait, what is 2828 x 2121? 5,998,188 it's still under 6,000,000? But I understand where you are headed, for the 4:3 camera, I don't have one and I'm not going to worry about an odd pixels here or there as long as my calculations are over 6,000,000 before I upload something here. Guilty as charged Possibly the last one, but some days I can't help myself? 🤡 Really short answer: MegaPixels measure the size of digital images, sensors and displays. MegaBytes measure the size of digital files. Yes, Alamy should dro
  9. I'm not a rocket scientist or Einstein, but after seeing this topic and the confusion that is caused by MP vs MB I sometimes wonder if I've lost my mind. So I looked: A Megapixel is simply a unit of graphic resolution equivalent to one million. Or more precisely 1,048,576 (220) pixels. Aside from the wiggle room, which I think is a great way to avoid problems, there's a real math reason for not making images 6,000,000 by using a calculator. 😎 The total should be 6,291,456 Pixels, especially if the computer doing the image pre-check is using exact scientific
  10. That worked for all the old photos and slides that my Sister took home when my parents passed away. We haven't seen any of them since. Like dropping them into a black hole.
  11. Considering the confusion and some of the attitudes here, I hate to ask, but in what world does 2828 * 2021 = more than 5,715,388 pixels? Which is less than 6MP. Also since the agency has software that reads the size of the image, uploading exactly 3000 x 2000 may get rejected as under 6MP. Try it yourself. More than safe would be 3072 x 2048 for example, but using a precise 3000 x 2000 may cause a problem. M A Y ! I wondered how a simple mistake could end up being two pages, so I fell into the trap. 😀 The OP was multiplying Pixels and getting MB which is impossible. I
  12. This is much easier than chemicals, punching, fire or other ways to destroy a slide. Bucket of water or barrel of water. They don't have to soak for very long either. My storage are was hit by a small drainage flood. Water came in, water drained out, every slide was ruined. You could do the same in your sink with warm water, put the slides in, scoop them out, into garbage bags, leave them damp, done. What the water doesn't do, the emulsion will dissolve, mildew will eat them in no time. Water: fungus? Personally I would save everything. If the pages are useful for
  13. Just for some more help, a former thread on the same subject. Many more insights and comments.
  14. Yes the syncing / shutter Sync is why the camera has a maximum shutter speed of 1/200th. But that doesn't matter as the duration of the flash is now the speed. An on camera flash is about 1/500 of a second. Depending on how bright it needs to be, if the camera is TTL flash metering, that number could be even faster. Since you are so close, you could use the on camera flash and a diffuser. What you have to consider is flash + ambient light. If the flash is the main light, then your shutter speed could be 1/60th and it wouldn't matter. Say a very dark room. With light balancing, the
  15. If you are positive the first upload batch will pass, there's nothing to stop you. If you are unsure, One Fail = All Fail includes ALL pending batches. I'm a three star, there's only room for 3, that's not unusual. Seems like the software upgrades when someone gains the higher status. It also seems to be at the discretion of the reviewers, not based on a calculation. I have no problems at the level I'm at and you are correct, reviews do not occur on weekends. I'm not one to worry that a photo that hasn't been anywhere, essentially forever, since the beginning of time, m
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