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I am on Chrome - I fill out the correct details and when I hit login the page just refreshes.  Searched the forum for similar and found a thread where someone turned off their ad-blocker.  I have turned off my ad-blocker and it makes no difference - the login page just refreshes (I at no point am seeing a captcha thing even with adblocker switched off)


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18 minutes ago, Starsphinx said:

Just tried on firefox and getting the same thing happen - and that does not even have an adblocker installed!!!!



No problems here with FF.




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If I logout and try to login from the Alamy home page, the login dialogue simply disappears and does nothing. Failure.


However, if I login from my usual link to the full login page, eveything is fine. Success.


I have a feeling this has happned before, some time ago.

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OK I have managed to sort it.  By restarting my PC and then clearing my browsing history first from an hour then a day then a week etc until I cleared all of it.  Just clicking clear all without going through the others first did not work - I had already tried that twice before shutting my machine down.

It is probably something on my machine but I do not have the foggiest idea what - nothing showing on anti virus or anti scum or cleaner or anything.  Still everything here is working again.

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