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Fresh summer or old autumn images?

JaniMarkus Hasa


I've come to understand that older uploads gets buried in to the pile of 170 million stock image. I've been uploading photos from last June lately, but I've been wondering is that the smartest thing to do. Summer is gone (at least here in Finland) and maybe the demand for summer images as well. Come next summer and my sunny images have already sunk down the pile. 


Would it make more sense to upload autumn (or even winter) images from past years now and July images next spring? Or try to keep uploads as fresh as possible? As I'm relatively new here in Alamy, I have some 14 years of images waiting to be uploaded. 


What's your opinion?

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A lot of magazines will be working on their Christmas issues right now. Calendar companies will be sourcing pix for their calendars... not for 2020, but for 2021. I'd just keep uploading pix without thinking about the seasons they represent...

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not sure there is any miracle sauce to stock image from what I've read and seen in my first year  but one strategy i employ is if something seems logical, do the opposite, as the goal is to set yourself apart. 


also remember seasons are different in both hemispheres.   someone in the southern one might now be looking for people eating ice cream, as i am making inventory of what warm clothes i have on a coolish English morning.



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