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Some good news for those of us who shoot travel photography. Personally, I've seen my book photo sales continue to grow: DK Publishing, Moon, Frommer's, Fodor's, Workman Press all come to mind off the top of my head. Print is not dead! 😎Long live print!



So, go out this weekend and shoot!


P.S. I know the story is from last year, but it has a lot of valuable information and also it's a nice positive topic to start the weekend, 

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Interesting article. I still like guidebooks. A number of years ago, many guides starting reducing the number of photos that they use, but that trend seems to be reversing now. I've had several travel guidebook sales during the past year.

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7 hours ago, Allan Bell said:

Is Audrey Sykes one of your pseudonyms?🙂






Something funny going on there. Let's see if I can repair it.



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Personally I am a consumer of travel guides, photography guides and hiking guides. The only problem with travel guides is that they become obsolete after a while, but also, how many times do we go to the same place in a space of ten years?

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