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This is Amazing!

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47 minutes ago, John Walker said:

So - come on you experts on here - how is it done? :)


zillions of photos, with strict attention to positioning of camera/s (nodal points blah blah blah), at many different focal lengths (including telephoto for the hairs-up-the-nose closeups), and some very very VERY sophisticated software working away at it for a couple of months . . . and even then there are ghost figures and dismembered people if you look close enough :-)



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On 31/12/2018 at 18:27, spacecadet said:

Very odd that they got rid of the Oriental Pearl by sticking that big logo on it. It's still the iconic building, isn't it?


By the looks of it, I’d say that the photos were taken from the top of The Pearl Tower so including it in the finished picture wouldn’t have worked?

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Yes, I'd assumed it was a drone job but by the looks of the other towers it was taken from the Space Module at 350m. Also, the Pearl is the only building with two sets of shadows going in different directions. So they must have had to do a patch-up job.

Pergaps the stitching software couldn't cope with the top of the sightseeing dome.

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