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Looking for a US magazine cover

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Asking for help with an image of mine that has been used on the front cover of a magazine in the US.


Firstly: normally I don't do this.

Secondly: usually I'm pretty good at ferreting out where an image has come from or where it's been used.


Why? I really like the image; I always thought it would make a good cover. It's a great story: I am standing in the middle of the Reflecting Pool (empty for repairs) at dusk. There is a single photographer at the memorial; he or she points the camera at the Washington Monument some 1000 meters behind me. I am around 250 meters (820ft)  from the Memorial, the total distance flash-monument = 1250 meters (4150ft) And he/she takes a single flash picture and walks away.


So far I have been unable to even guess the sort of magazine.


image: A7D86R

United States
Print only
Print run: 45,000
Front cover

Start: 04 September 2013
End: 04 March 2014
(6 month license, Print Run: 45K)


I would appreciate all help.

What sort of magazine is bi-annual?

September till March?


Have you spotted it?






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Can't help, I'm afraid, Wim, but just wanted to say what a stunning photo. :)


Beautiful light in the first place, but the serendipity of that little extra moment makes it really rather special.  Lovely.


Good luck with your search.

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Thanks for all the praise!


No it was in 2007 I believe. They emptied it out  routinely in winter for repairs and because of potential damage by the ice. After the last restauration this may not be necessary anymore. No doubt they will get the signs out again: no skating! Image what a lovely sight that would be hundreds of skaters between the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Memorial.


I have tried the same image over and over. Some earlier ones are on Alamy as well. Those are from across the pond. As I lived just up the road, I could just watch the sky and decide to bike down the street and be in business in 10 minutes.


Because this is a longer exposure, like a couple of  seconds, the occurence of the flash is not that abnormal. Besides I clicked the shutter for about half an hour, mostly to avoid people though ;-)




edit: typo

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