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Finally found something I like about the new AIM

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For most things I preferred the old image manager, but I've finally come across something that I like about the new AIM. I noticed in my search results the other day that someone searched for hebrides house, but I noticed that my best images didn't come up. Checking my tags I found that I had included tags cottage, croft and home, but not house. Oops!


It struck me that I might have made the same mistake on other images of cottages elsewhere in my collection. So in the new AIM search box I entered cottage NOT house. This bought up all my images which I'd tagged as a cottage where I'd forgotten to include house, so I selected them and added the tag house. I also tried other searches cottage NOT home and house NOT home and fixed those

This is much easier in the new AIM (except where any of the selected images already had 50 tags - arrgghh).


Have you found any tricks in the new AIM?



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As you no doubt found, staying out of the green is very helpful.  Specifically, not have over 50 keywords.  Then AIM actually works for batch processes.  Other wise, forget it.

Alas, I have over 90% in the green with >50 tags.

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Like Mark, I found the search function great for maintaining and updating my entire collection.


For instance I have been to Banff 14 times including all seasons.


A search for Banff and glacier brought up all my Banff Glaciers. I deleted the weak Banff glacier images. 


The biggest improvement was the old image manager only allowed 50 characters for important keywords. That did not leave much space for important keyword phrases. With 10 supertags, that can include phrases, it gave a lot more characters for important supertags. 


Then I updated the glaciers that the image showed were obviously melting with supertags like “global warming”, “climate change”, “receding glaciers”. Then I corrected old keywording mistakes and typos. British and UK spellings etc.


I then searched on all the other photo spots in Banff and updated. Then I searched for Banff only for review purposes,  and decided my Banff collection was complete. No sense in going back to Banff. I used search to make sure I was not repeating myself, and that I will have more variety in my collection in the future.


Then I changed all my RM images to RF, or RF editorial only.


For me lots to like.

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34 minutes ago, vpics said:

Does anyone include the keywords "people, person" for people pics and "nobody" for images without people?

People,person,persons,nobody.....I use all of these where appropriate. Remember to add plurals on person.

I also do man,men,woman,women,boy,boys,girl,girls,teen,teens,teenager,teenagers,senior,seniors and so on.


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4 hours ago, geogphotos said:


All glaciers melt when they reach warmer lower lands. This is called the 'ablation zone'. 


Thanks Ian, searched all my images for “glacier” got 144 and added “ablation zone” as a tag to the 65 or so to which it applied.

also added alternate term “ablation area” as per wikipedia

Time elapsed in and out about 10 minutes.

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Hello vpics:  I always include "nobody" for images showing no people but that's primarily because another agency explicitly tells its photographers to do that.  But I don't make it a supertag.   I don't know if including "nobody" has any practical effect with Alamy, since I also check the "0" to indicate there are no people in the image.  I try to remember to include both singular and plurals where appropriate.  I haven't been remembering to use "person" or "persons."  Maybe I should.

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I now quite like the AIM system, you can include meaningful phrases and, by doing so, far exceed any old limitations on the number of words in any given category. I can also use my tablet to edit, it's still a bit clunky, but, thankfully, it now appears to be possible to copy and paste on my trusty Android. Batch addition and deletion is a breeze, provided that you stay within the keytag limit. I also like the fact that, while phrases are being prioritised, individual words within the phrases are still picked up.


I'm still not keen on the method of deselection however and often find myself adding words to the wrong photo, hopefully, in most cases I realise the error and just have the inconvenience of having to cancel and  re-type stuff. 


Re people, person, nobody etc, I generally include the words people, couple, children, woman etc if they are adding something to the image, and, much more rarely, nobody if I want to stress that this photo is devoid of people, e.g. a stretch of empty beach.

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I'm using the same method as Ollie, tagging, but not supertagging nobody. I use to also tag 'no people' and sometimes 'no persons', but less so now, because - someone else mentioned this, but I can't remember the thread -  the search engine will search engine will rip phrases apart and hence find 'people' and 'persons', which would defy the purpose of putting in that phrase in the first place. No idea if this works, really, but I figure it can't hurt because 'nobody' isn't a misleading phrase and shouldn't lead to the image popping up in a non-relevant search. I hope. 

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