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Donating a % of sales to a named charity

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In these times of austerity, world havoc and pandemonium, I was thinking that a generous Alamy could raise their profile in the charity sector, and gain kudos from the general public, by asking contributors to identify  a % of their photos where a proportion of the proceeds from any sale are donated (jointly by Alamy and the photographer) to a specified charity. It would be a good source of additional income to needy charities and would give Alamy a USP on the competition. e.g. I identify 100 pics in my portfolio that if sold would provide 15% of any proceeds to Save the Children, for example. Alamy would then have to match fund a further 15%. Just an idea. What do people think? Easy to implement in this day and age of Just Giving and the like.

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18 minutes ago, vpics said:

I think Alamy as a company already support some charities. 


Yes my understanding is that Alamy already donates a share of their profit to medical research.


I already have a number of charities I donate to, though not necessarily well known NFPs. Last year I donated my entire S******* earnings to an anti gun violence group ;)

Personally I prefer to choose my charities and donate when I believe its most needed or when they have matching funds.



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2 minutes ago, geogphotos said:

As far as I know all their profit goes to a medical research charity that has something to do with one of Alamy's founders.


Personally I think charitable donations should come out of your income not be deducted before you receive that income!


That has always been my understanding and one of the main reasons I trust them and never suggest how the business should be run.

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5 hours ago, geogphotos said:

As far as I know all their profit goes to a medical research charity that has something to do with one of Alamy's founders.

Not quite:

"We’re proud of doing things differently and philanthropy is an important part of our company DNA. We donate a significant proportion of our operating profits to charity. Since 2007, we´ve donated over $5.5 million to good causes, including DNA and cancer research through SBL and educational research through the Fischer Family Trust.

We support a number of charitable projects working to improve health education and self-sufficiency in poor communities. Since 2010 we’ve distributed solar lamps to Haiti, Southern India and Southern Sudan."


The Fischer Family Trust  analyses exam data in England and Wales:


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Thanks for all your feedback. Just an idea but could be something that people opt into, if they so wish. No compulsion whatsoever. I don't dispute the fact that Alamy already do good work in this area and I am certainly not suggesting how Alamy should run their business.  Personally speaking, if I had a little box to tick, to donate a % to charity when an image sold, I might be tempted to tick it when the gods had been particularly generous. Would make the 'giving' process easier and could be claimed as tax deductible, I would have thought.

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