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I'm sure we are doing our best but will keep trying to get the other 4% down. :)



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I have always wondered about this statistic...does it include what was uploaded by agencies or is it just individual contributors?


Knock wood, I've not had any rejections...just curious.

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It would be helpful if Alamy could clarify the basis of this statistic and particularly whether it is a percentage of images submitted or number of submissions. The difference could be quite substantial.


Let's take an example of, say, 2 large contributors/agencies submitting 2000 images each in a submission and 48 small contributors sending in 10 images per submission. If the 2 large agencies were to pass QC and the 48 small contributors all fail then the pass rate would be either:


4% (based on number of submissions)

89% (based on number of images)


Clearly this is an extreme example but I would argue that the percentage of submissions is a more valid statistic.







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