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Good afternoon all,


Just a quick question. I got my first 3 images passed the QC check which is good but it still shows as not one sale on the dashboard. Under image manager I have added enough key words ect and there it says on sale but on the dashboard it says images on sale = 0.


Can anyone help?





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I can see three images on sale though your number says zero.  It is only a matter of various server updates. It will happen, but things take a while, especially after the system change.


PS Now it says three under your avatar. Came up after I logged out and in again, that is another thing you will get used to to change the number under your avatar in the forum.

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Sorry I am new to all this...


Don't be. Regarding the latest about caption we are more or less all new to this after the new Alamy Image Manager has been launched recently. 


You will make a lot of mistakes to be changed during your learning - I think you should do some reading in the forums.

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John, you might want to tick the 'Editorial Only' box for this image just to cover yourself:




Blossom Hill is a brand and would therefore need a property release for commercial use.


Alamy does kind of cover you/themselves to some extent as the disclaimer , "If you want to use this image commercially  and we've indicated* that Alamy doesn't have a release, you might need additional permission from the model, artist, owner, estate, trademark or brand. More information." is there.


But normally an image listed for Editorlal only has the label, "Available for editorial and personal use only. Get in touch for commercial uses ."


Nice pictures BTW.

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