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  1. Good Morning Everyone, I have been a member of Alamy for a while but never got around to using the forum but now i have. I madew my first sale on here in September and i am looking at using the site a lot more. I mainly shoot landcapes,wildlife and nature, Kind Regards
  2. I have been very impressed with how friendly the members are here.
  3. Hello all, I am nit use to the term super keywords? How are these different form the standard ones i add to my images? John
  4. I have changed it to editorial. Does this cover me or should i delete the image completly? John
  5. Hi all, Thank you very much i will try to improve my tagging skills.
  6. My first three have now go on the for sale. You were right must just take a while.
  7. Thank you for the warm welcome and the kind feedback. I am ready looking forward to getting stuck in and joining the Alamy group.
  8. I will indeed. Looks like a good service when friendly members which is a bonus.
  9. Thank you just wanted to make sure I wasn't doing something wrong. John
  10. Hi There, I have completed the info. When I go to images manager it says I have 3 on sale however on the dashboard it says none. I am confused.
  11. Good afternoon all, Just a quick question. I got my first 3 images passed the QC check which is good but it still shows as not one sale on the dashboard. Under image manager I have added enough key words ect and there it says on sale but on the dashboard it says images on sale = 0. Can anyone help? Regards John
  12. Good afternoon all, Just a quick introduction. My name is John from Bolton, Untied Kingdom. I have just become a contributor here. Regards John
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