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delete submission button would be handy

Suman Acharya

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It occurs to me that if the upload process were to be made provisional in some way then QC would have to be slowed down. At least making it final encourages great care in checking.


I imagine media uploads are queued in a waiting line. If faulty/redundant batches are removed before they reach QC, I imagine that would only speed things up.


It's not that I am suggesting tampering endlessly with a batch after uploading it, adding or removing files etc.

It's basically a kill switch for an upload that is not one you want to go QC at that moment.


I am contributor in quite a few other stock sites, but the thing that is different in alamy is that any image in a batch that reaches 100% will automatically be in the QC queue, no matter whether you abort that upload session, remove images and then add again, anything that has been uploaded completely, will be in a batch heading for QC.


Trying to upload said 45 images, . I must have tried 20 times .I ended up with 3 tiny batches of 1, 3 and 1 images, ones I'll have to delete anyway after QC.


The fact that after each and every time correctly submitting the 45 images I was planning to upload, the 21st I accidently messed it up, could simply be remedied by an option to delete faulty/redundant batches. Either on the upload page itself or on the track my submissions page (-;

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Of course if the batch miraculously (yet unlikely) makes it through QC, I can simply delete those 'tresspassers',


Either because staff read my posts in this thread or sheer luck, all images passed QC, now I'll remove the rotten apples from the barrel (actually a tufted duck in flight) LOL


Thanks again and keep up the good work (-;

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Just gave this a second thought.

Rather than a delete button, which risks that QC spend already time, I could vote for a submit button. 


Hence after upload the images would only progress further, if an additional submit button is pressed. 

That way one could recheck the batch uploaded and if happy submit finally to QC. 


Despite this would be an additional step for everybody, I think this may be more fair to QC as they would not be at risk to spending valuable resources checking something, that gets deleted in the process. 

Edit: also would avoid discussion like "Oh sorry I was about to deleting this pic anyway, please do not lock me out for long time" 


Other thoughts on this?

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More support now from me. still preferring that there is an additional submit to QC button. 

Would be nice if a batch after upload instead of "Awaiting QC" would have two buttons to it. 

One button to delete the batch, second button to submit to QC. 


Reason, I uploaded 71 images yesterday evening. 

The submission count showed 107, at which point I would have rather deleted the batch and reupload. 

today the batch passed QC and the final uploaded image count was 68. 

So actually 3 missing instead of 36 in excess. 


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If you check every image 100% then you won't make any mistakes. If you select 100 images from a pool of 250 you need to check that every one meets the QC standard.

So a delete submission button is not required. We just need to make our workflow watertight and consistent for every single image we submit. 





late to the party on this one I know but this is obviously wrong. E.g. you can accidentally include a duplicate and then realise too late



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